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Canucks Stats After 10 Games

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Of course it's much too early to make a lot of judgements on the players and team after 10 games, but I'm just here to present the stats after 10 games played.


Team Record: 4-2-4, 12 points, 8th in the Western Conference. Those 4 OT and shootout losses are the most in the NHL. Thank you Gary Bettman. The Canucks are 1-2-3 on home ice and 3-0-1 on the road.

Team plus/minus.  Canucks are +6, which ranks them higher in the league in that stat, but really it doesn't matter.

Goals For and Against. The Canucks' 28 goals for ranks them tied for 3rd in the West. Their 22 goals against rank them 6th in the conference.

Power Play: 19.4% powerplay efficiency ranks them 5th in the West.

Penalty Kill: Their 89.3 PK ranks them 2nd in the West only behind Anaheim, who clearly suck.

Gotta love that 53.4% faceoff winning percentage, which ranks them 2nd in the West, only behind Anaheim, who suck the bi suck.

Goals Against per period: Vancouver has allowed the 5th-most 3rd period goals against in the West, and the most (4) in OT.

Hits: Eck. The Canucks don't hit much once again. Their 178 hits overall rank them 13th in the West.

Blocked Shots: 144...7th in the Conference

Giveaways: 93 giveaways is the 5th most in the West

Takeaways: 49, 9th in the West

Shooting %: The 8.7% accuracy is good for 8th in the West


Goals: 1. McCann: 4, 2: Sutter and Vrbata: 3 3: 6 players with 2

Assists: 1: D. Sedin: 6, 2: Burrows and Prust: 5, 3: Sutter and Hutton: 4

Points: 1: D. Sedin: 8, 2: Burrows and Sutter with 7, 3: Prust and H.Sedin with 5. Daniel's 8 points rank him about 50th in the NHL, by the way.

Power Play goals: 6 players have 1 PPG.

Powerplay Points: Dank has 3, 4 others have 2.

Shorthanded Goals: Brandon Sutter is the only Canuck to score a SHG so far.

Game Winning Goals: Only Sutter, Crackhead and Sbisa have the GWG for Vancouver so far.

Shots: Dank and Vrbata have 39, Sutter and Edler have 22, and Hansen has 21

Time On Ice: Edler and Tanev lead that category easily, but Sutter leads all forwards with 20:09 average per game. Oh how things have changed.

Faceoffs: The best faceoff performers are Hank, Sutter and Bo, in that order.

PP Time On Ice: Shit, I thought this was a stat that defencemen conquered but nope: Dank and Hank are given the most power play time on ice out of any Canuck.

Shorthanded: Sutter and Sbisa are the only 2 Canucks with shorthanded points. Tanev, Hamhuis and Horvat have the most blocked shots while shorthanded (3), Sutter has won the most faceoffs while shorthanded (and also lost the most, along with Horvat), and Tanev has easily had the most minutes shorthanded

Hits: Virtanen has played in only 7 games but has more hits than anybody. this a good time to shit talk Derek Dorsett?

Blocked Shots: None more than Chris "Cigarette" Tavev.

Advanced Stats: Knock yourself out..


Ryan Miller has been a pillar for this team this season. Let's see if his stats check out:

Goals Against Average: 2.16. Looks good right? Well that stat ranks him 22nd  in the NHL, and tops in the League for goalies that have played more than 9 games.

Save Percentage: .923. That ranks him 25th in the NHL There are only 8 other goalies that have played 8 or more games this season that are ahead of him. Only Ben Bishop and Miller have played 10 games this season. Miller has played more minutes than any other goalie this season so far.

Has he been a pillar? Yes.

That's all I have for now. Good night!