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Canucks find a new way to lose to Dallas 4-3 in O/T.

The Canucks blow a 2 goal lead in the 3rd period and give up the ghost in O/T.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Nucks went to Dallas and we all know, these games usually turn into a shit show pretty fast. The Nucks are 2-3-1 since 2011-12 in Dallas and have been outscored by a 2 to 1 ratio. The Stars are loaded with speed and scoring, including B.C.boy Jamie Benn and party boy Tyler Seguin. With the additions of Oduya and Sharp from Chicago, you can see the Stars are serious about making a run this year. The Canucks are coming off beating the previously undefeated Canadiens.

Like previous games in Dallas, the Stars came out flying and the Nucks took two early penalties (which they killed) and the Stars jumped out to a 10-0 shot lead. Good thing games aren’t decided by shots. Alex Burrows got the first Canuck chance as he got a shot off on a breakaway as he was hooked. He didn’t score there but did on the penalty shot after.

That goal seemed to wake the Canucks up as they started to exchange scoring chances with the Stars. Of course that means karma comes back and bites you in the ass, as Patrick Sharp got a shot off just inside the blueline that either hit a stick or was just a weak goal on Miller.

The second period started with a lot of play in the neutral zone and not much in the way of shots and then Roussel tripped Tanev. The Canucks got both of their big shots, Edler and Weber out on the point for the PP, and they decided to play slap pass. Not an effective strategy. Finally Edler put one through a double screen of Daniel and Vrbata to make it 2-1.

I must now disclose that this is where I actually started watching the game. I also apologize on behalf of management for not having a gamethread up. Heads will roll because of this….well, probably not, but hopefully the 12 levels above me have a convo and figure it out. I wasn’t on the schedule to do this recap..but for you, of course.

As the third got going, I barely had time to get my feet up on the couch before Vrbata put away a Daniel Sedin rebound to make it 3-1. I think Vrbata might need to stay with the Sedins.

The Nucks looked pretty comfortable after that goal. And then the Stars aligned (see what I did there) and the luck of Luca Sbisa struck again. Demers lets go of a shot from the point and it gets past Miller, probably going wide and finds Sbisa’s legs, does a little pinball action and goes in.

You could feel the crowd come alive after the goal and the Stars put their foot to the floor with pressure. I think I may have mentioned that the Stars are a fast team with some good players? It showed in the last part of the third. Even their defense are active in the offensive zone. The Stars do a great job of moving the puck around the outside until they can get a shot on net. And with guys like Patrick Sharp, who can deflect bullets away with their stick, it seems pretty easy to score on a deflection right in front of the net.

And just like that the Canucks blew anaother 3rd period lead and were just hanging on to get a point, which they did. Of course it’s a cruel twist of fate to survive the Stars on slot 5 on 5 just to face them in OT 3 on 3. The speed and offensive talent of the Stars finished off the Nucks in O/T as Jamie Benn pushes the dagger into our hearts again.

The Canucks are back at it tomorrow in Arizona to face a surprisingly good Coyotes team. If tomorrow’s game is the same as previous meeting it should be as exciting as watching Zanstorm mow grass.