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Morning Coffee: Oct 28/15

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All Canucks fans wanted was a 60 minute effort in a game few gave them a chance of winning, but what we got was one of the best games in years.

I'm not sure what part of last night's 5-1 thrashing of the previously unbeaten Habs  was the best for me: The Canucks putting it out of reach in the 1st period, Carey Price getting ventilated for 5 goals, not having to hear their fans chant for pretty much all night, or seeing the masses of rouge, blanc et bleu heading for the exits early? Maybe it was Luca Sbisa scoring the game winner? Or maybe it was Radim Vrbata's cheeky goal, smacking it mid-air and moving it past Price? Either way, the Canucks played a pretty solid game, rising to the occasion against the best team in the NHL.

The game was a tad costly, as the Canucks may be without Brandon Prust for a while (and wasn't he having a hell of a game before that horrifying ankle turn?). Fortunately the team is saying that an x-ray came back negative, though there will be an MRI to determine the extent of the injury. Since I am sure you've already taken a look at our post game wrap, here's what else is being said about last night in the Morning Links:


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- With Getzlaf out for his hair plug surgery appendectomy, the Ducks woes continue

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- Want to beat the Penguins? Just make sure you've got the lead after 40 minutes.

- Yeah, let's revisit John Davidson in a few months and get his thoughts on Torts then, hmm?

- The least surprising news of the early season...

And finally, a gratuitous nod to my hockey pool team


If you've never seen it before, AV Club's Undercover series gives you a ton of different bands doing some pretty remarkable cover tunes. GWAR have been a huge part of this, having contributed their destruction of Kansas's "Carry On Wayward Son" in the past. They're back, and they're covering Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop", and you are so welcome.