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Canucks trounce the Habs 5-1.

The Canucks jumped out to an early lead and remembered how to score in the 3rd period to defeat the previously undefeated Canadiens.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canadiens de (du?...I hated French class) Montreal came into Rogers with a perfect record. That’s right…no losses. The Canucks came into the game being the best team, if games were two periods long. A perfect recipe for a Canucks loss if you add the fact the Nucks were 1-3 in the last 4 home games against the Habs.

You know what the Nucks need against a dominating team like the Habs, luck. And that’s what the fourth line got as McCann cleaned up the rebound to get the Nucks up 1-0.

If we want to talk about good omens, then let’s talk about a game where Sbisa scores for us. His shot is sent into the pinball table and ends up hitting a few Canadiens before going in.

McCann really wants to stay with the Canucks and with shots like this, can Willie really afford to let him go back to juniors?

You could feel it coming. The Habs many opportunities and Miller had been a brick wall and then a knuckeball got tipped by him. Wait…knuckleballs are for that other game that was on.

At this point all the Canucks, even if they weren’t watching, got this taste in their mouth. You know that taste….like metal, vomit and your mother-in-law’s special meal all in one. The Canucks were going to find a way to blow a 3-0 game in the third. And then Virtanen takes a penalty and all the Habs fans in Rogers were drooling in their smuggled poutine. Thankfully Carey Price decided to give Van a break and throw a puck into his own team’s line change and after Jake was back on the ice, Mr Vrbata decided to make it 3 goal game again. And we all exhaled.

With 9 minutes left, Derek Dorsett did his best Mario Lemieux imitation and deke his way around the Habs defense and score on Price. Who can blame Price for being shocked that Dorsett would shoot and get it on net.

The game ended there and Canucks fans were happy throughout the land. Except for Brandon Prust.

That looks painful. Heal quickly Brandon. The fourth line was really, really good tonight and the Nucks need 4 lines rolling to win.