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Lazy-ass Game Day Coffee- Oct 24/15

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Winless at home, but maybe they can turn things around against Detroit... Oh, right.

They identified getting Radim Vrbata going as a priority heading into the game against the Capitals, and sure enough they did exactly that. He and the Sedins looked good, but (spoiler alert for the rest of the bloody season) the defence didn't hold, and Alex Ovechkin won it late for the Caps. The Canucks have lost all 4 games at home this year, and it doesn't get any easier as they take on the Detroit Red Wings tonight, a team that always gives the Canucks trouble.

Let's start with the good news: The Canucks will be inserting Yannick Weber into the lineup tonight. They also might be without Derek Dorsett (game time decision), so that pretty much assures another night of the BoJake HorSven line (s/t @aidanbc). And why not? They're not gonna get the chemistry they need (and this can be applied to all of the lines) by scrambling them up, so let them play.

(Yeah, I know. But when you have a chance to post something about the Bad News Bears, you do it)

Is there a sliver of hope for tonight? Well the Red Wings have lost 4 straight. So either they're slumping and a perfect opponent for the Canucks to turn things around, or... they're due for a win and the Nucks are screwed tonight. Take your pick. The Wings meanwhile won't have Brad Richards, who's gone onto the IR, and will also be without Kyle Quincey and Mike Green, in addition to Pavel Datsyuk and Johan Frandsen. Hmm. Maybe there is hope, after all.


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- A milestone game for Hank tonight


- The Bruins revealed their Winter Classic jerseys...

- This was a scary one last night, as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins gets a skate in the ear

- Columbus still hasn't won a game, which is why Sbisa for Johansen makes so much sense.


OMG YOU GUYS NEW GAMA BOMB VIDEO!!! Seriously, this is frickin' awesome. From their new disc 'Untouchable Glory', 'Ninja Untouchables' goes full on 70's B Movie trailer and it's as amazing as the album cover for this new one: