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Game Day Coffee: Oct 22/15

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After a sufficient period of time to wash the bile from your mouth over that loss Sunday, the Canucks turn their attention to bigger fish in Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals.

Y'all over the disappointment of Sunday? Good. Don't let that grind you down too much. Those games are gonna happen to this team. Get used to it. The good news here is that everyone in the hockey world knows the Oilers were lucky to ooze out of Rogers with one point, let alone the win. Crappy bounces and hot goalies, etc. At least the hockey gods offered up our penance for enduring the Trials of Tortorella in that 2nd round draft pick for Columbus choosing to turn hope into a tire fire. Those of you with religion might wanna say a lil prayer for the Blue Jackets.

Tonight, the Washington Capitals are in town and that means another penance from the league, our annual glimpse at one of the best: Alex Ovechkin. The Caps looked pretty damn impressive in a 6-2 romp over the Flames on Tuesday, and (once again, praise be to the hockey gods above) that game saw Ovy snag career point 900. This game will be a test for the Canucks D as they try and deal with the speed of the Caps, who got a lil faster with the addition of TJ Oshie in the offseason.


The Blessed Radimer- Radim Vrbata is 0-fer this year, and Willie Desjardins has finally put him back together with the Sedins in an effort to get him going. Getting some scoring from last year's team top goal scorer seems a little crazy, but hey... change and all that stuff, right?

Enough fooling around with the PP already.

Step 1- Simplify.

Step 2- Get Yannick Weber back on the point on the PP.

Step 3- 

fix it

Miller has to keep rolling- Can't ask for more than what they've gotten from Ryan Miller so far this season. He's given the Canucks a chance to win every night (even the St. Louis game, as that late comeback showed). So he needs to keep doing what he's doing, and let the offense sort itself out.


- Here's the preview from CDC and oh, look... Weber is out tonight. Excuse me for a minute, won't you?

- On Ryan Miller and his turnaround season so far

What do you do with a guy like Ovechkin?

- Our pals over at Japers' Rink have their preview for us

- Botch has a great piece that shows one of the reasons Torts bombed: His refusal to pair Edler & Tanev.

- Did Trev tip his hand to which of the rookies will be staying the year? VCB's Omar thinks so...

- Last week, Brock Boeser had a hat trick for UND, last night it was Hunter Shinkaruk with the hatty at the Comets home opener

- Speaking of rookies, Ben Hutton's turning into something special...

- Maybe the Canucks just need to give the kids some time to gel...

- This is what happens when there's too many days off between games...


Good news for the Penguins as they get Pascal Dupuis back in the lineup after almost a year off with injury

- Why the Blackhawks deserve nothing but scorn and derision Episode 2438

- In which the Red Wings discover you can't take a night off, even against the Oilers

- Derek Stepan had some non-puck related dental work...

- Is the NHL FINALLY getting serious about concussions?

- Mark Spector hawking some serious bait, but our pals at Raw Charge ain't biting...

- Yeah, we love Eddie, but Cam Ward is making it hard for our taco-lovin' buddy to get in the lineup


Some Halloween-ish music from these Halloweenies... From their 'Do Over' ep, it's LICH KING with their re-working of Toxic Zombie Onslaught.