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We lost to the Oilers.

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Shame radiates throughout Canuckland today after last night's defeat.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s just start by saying that last night’s loss was unacceptable in so many ways and yet so “Canucks” it brings a warm comfort to your bones. The Nucks find so many ways to play down to their competition, especially at home, that I agree with some of the sentiment on this blog and the Nucks should just play on the road for 82 games. The Nucks made the Oilers look like a playoff team last night. Willie D helped them from the start by starting lines that haven’t played together all year. “Chemistry, fuck that!”

The Canucks got a seeing eye goal in the first which helped even out the mulligan the Canucks gave the Oilers with the line switcheroo. The Nucks then start firing shots on the net and ran into a 6’5 Nilsson and a shitload of “what the fuck?” Right Daniel. I could beat that horse a little more than Twitter did at the moment after it happened, but I have enough glue.

Let’s talk about Vrbata. If any of you have some anti-venom, please send it asap. Radim does have a lot of shots on net, but to be fair, he has done a great job of imitating Daniel during the 2013-14 season. And what I mean by that is he has taken a lot of shots from along the boards and other impossible angles, just hoping the goalie is surprised by a shot from an absolutely shitty spot. It might be a little hard to trade Radim if he has 0 goals.

The name that the media seems to be staying away from is Bo. 1 goal in 6 games can still turn into 20, but he is only averaging 2 shots a game and he seems to be stuck feeding Vrbata instead of looking to go to the net. That second line will only work if the scoring is spread out. Having Virtanen out there with them was entertaining. Jake knocking people over is great and leads to chances, but all three have the luck of the Irish…..during the potato famine.

Ben Hutton….don’t ever change. Ok, maybe just a little. Get a little better in your own end, but keep firing the shot at the net. Your six shots were almost all quality and you created your own shots by moving instead of waiting for a lane to shoot. The others may want to take note.

I don’t want to keep rambling as Kent will surely by back with a cup of coffee tomorrow. I just had to vent. If you live in Canada, I hope you went out to vote today.

Losing to the Oilers…fuck.