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Canucks beat Anaheim 2-1 in a shootout.

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The Canucks steal a win away from Anaheim as they kill off a penalty in O/T and win in a shootout.

The 2015-16 Ryan Miller.
The 2015-16 Ryan Miller.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There was a big hit even before the game to get the bad blood flowing…kinda

The pregame was almost as interesting as the game with the gentle reminders of years past

First Period

And then they played hockey….kinda. Prust got things going with Stoner and twitter was hit with 1.65 million grizzly bear/Stoner jokes.

A couple of short power plays were exchanged between the teams. Dan Hamhuis made up for all the shitty things I said about him from the last game by lifting Patrick Maroon’s stick to save a goal.The Ducks had 4 minutes in the middle of the period where they dominated the Canucks. And it took the fourth line to turn the tide against the Ducks. The play had a nice up and down flow and things got a little friendlier as Hamhuis guided his old bud Kes into the boards safely and how does Ryan repay that nicety, he throw poor Dan to the ice and takes a penalty. Tsk tsk Ryan…asshole.

The first ended scoreless and no Canuck really stood out in a positive light. On a positive note, Sbisa almost went through the first without a mention on twitter……almost

Second Period

The Canucks are nice enough to allow the Ducks first goal of the year as a point shot went through a few guys past Miller.

That goal seems to wake up the Ducks. It’s like they remembered what it was like to score a goal and wanted another, while the Nucks have forgot about trying to score. And as soon as I wrote the last line, Adam Cracknell scores on the short side to tie the game. And Prust gets an assist along with Hansen, which means Brandon is only a goal way from the Gordie Howe hat trick.

The second period went by pretty fast as each team exchanged 3 on 2 rushes and the goalies got a little lucky as Andersen had a puck hit his blocker and just about go in and then Miller got lucky as a shot went off the post and stayed out.

There are a few noticeable things after two periods. On the ice, Sven is not having a great night and got dropped to the 4th line. That second line have not got used to each other and I think the second line will definitely be different in LA, especially if Virtanen slots in. Twiiter is ripping on Prust, but Dorsett is by far having the worse game…0 CF after 40 minutes. That takes some talent…over 8 minutes of ice time and no shots created for your team when you’re out there.

Third period

You ever see a period where there was a ton of action but if asked, you couldn’t sum it up? Fine, I’ll then. I want every one to go to twitter and type Prust and slow and see the millions of tweets. And then watch Prust and Dorsett go out and have a great shift. Shawn Horcoff was able to get around Ben Hutton only to get stopped by Ryan Miller who, may I say, has had a great game…..again.

The rest of the period figuratively whipped by with a few scoring chances on each side, along with some Kesler whining. The Sedins really have not done much so far. Vrbata has done much in any game so far. I think they are all due for a reunion in the next game. Vrbata needs to remember how to score, so we can trade his ass for a high draft pick after Christmas. I kid….kinda…ok, I’m not kidding.


A point! least. The Sedins start and got a quick shot off. Kesler and Bieksa started against them, just like in old practices. I like the 3 on 3…except when Sutter is out there….a stick break almost leads to another odd man rush. Edler takes a penalty…a good penalty. Sbisa had a pretty good PK shift and the Nucks kill it which leads to 4 on 4 O/T…..I thought that was banned?


McCann dekes himself out of his own shorts and Silverberg then ends his great night and scores.

Vrbata shows McCann how to deke the goalie and Miller stops Rakell.

Alex MF Burrows sneaks one by Andersen and Miller then literally robs Corey Perry with a poke check.

Canucks win…Canucks Win…

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