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Game Day Morning Coffee- Oct 10/15

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It's home opener night for the Vancouver Canucks and yay, they get to take on the Flames. You know, the ones that feel the Canucks embarrassed them in their home opener Wednesday? Yeah, I wonder how Bob Hartley's gonna react to that?

Bo & Boring
Bo & Boring
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Morning Coffee


The forecast calls for stupid, folks. Bob Hartley's a simple man, and when he feels like his team's been wronged, he's fairly predictable. So that means we can expect the Flames to bring a lot of not-so-much hockey tonight to "send a message" to the Canucks. As if it wasn't dumb enough to see the fight 2 seconds in (look, I get the whole thing with Ferland, but it should have been a little less staged than that, plus why get their team and crowd even more jacked up?), chances are the heir to Dustin Brown's throne of idiocy will be given a green light to take runs at anyone and everyone tonight.

Ryan Miller should be back in for the Canucks tonight. Miller looked solid, though (and this is a credit to the defence) the Flames didn't test him a whole lot. That being said, he looked extremely calm and composed all night long. For the Flames, we may see them go with Jonas Hiller. It was a bit of a surprise that the Flames went with Karri Ramo in the opener, Hartley likely thinking back to his play in Game 6 of the playoffs in April, but the Canucks lit him up for 5, so it's a good bet we see Hiller.

There will be some pregame festivities tonight, as the Canucks mark not just the 20th anniversary of the 1st game played in Rogers Arena, but the franchise's 45th anniversary of their 1st game in the NHL.


- The biggest key to tonight? Stay focused and don't get caught up in all the hoopla...

- Meanwhile, Jake Virtanen sits again tonight

- Some had Radim Vrbata as being unhappy heading into this season, but they could be wrong about that...

- Tom Brady. A sketchy 'health guru'. The Aqualinis. You're gonna want to read this.

- Nobody does breakdowning like the Pass It To Bulis boys, and here they look at that Wizardous Sedinery from Hank the other night

- As mentioned, the Flames are going to come out hard against the Canucks and try to take the crowd out of it early


- Next to Theo Fleury, Mike Commodore might be the most obnoxious ex-NHLer on social media, and he proved it again last night

- Gonna be tough enough for Carolina as is, now they'll be without James Wisniewski for 6 months...

- The whole Mike Richards saga is just a bloody mess, and this probably doesn't help much. Amazing how the article just throws Richards under the bus when it's apparent to all the culture with this club is a huge contributor to the issue here... Also, there's this beauty

- Just gonna leave this here...


Mastodon. Sepultura. Dillinger Escape Plan. When it comes to metal supergroups, the pedigree doesn't get much better than Killer Be Killed. Here's one to get you jacked up for tonight: "Curb Stomper"