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Canucks Kill Oilers In Edmonton In Preseason Action

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks were all over the Oilers in this preseason game, destroying the home team 5-2. Sven Baertschi had 4 assists. Bo Horvat had 2 goals and 1 assist and Jake Virtanen had 1 goal and 2 assists. 10 points for that line. All that and the heralded Connor McDavid had no points and was a -1 on the night. Beautiful.

The Canucks went 2 for 3 on the power play and were easily better than the Coilers in the giveaway and takeaway stats.



If that ain't working for ya:

Horvat ties the game at 1 from Virtanen while the announcer is creaming over the Hall's 1-0 goal:

Loved seeing Ben Hutton bag his first goal:

Yannick Weber proves his power play worth on a McJesus penalty:

Then Virtanen scores a goal with his face:

And finally Bo knows how to shut up the Oilers faithful at Asshole Place:

Boom shackalacka!

All that and Jake's face looked like this:

What a beauty. This just further fuels the convo fire of which kid is gonna crack opening season lineup. Cool! We need more debate, AND Oiler losses. We like those! OK, I'm relaxed, it's only preseason......