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Game Day: Canucks vs Wings

For all the bitching and moaning about Ryan Miller, I'm not sure who should be apologizing to him more, the fan base or his teammates. Coughing up another game to those jerks with such a poor effort late in the game, hanging Miller out to dry again is getting old. And oh good, it's another team the Canucks have made a habit of doing this with in to face them tonight...

Rich Lam/Getty Images
Time Saturday 7:00 PM PST
Season Series 1-0 Red Wings
Last Meeting
5-3 Red Wings Nov 30/14
The Enemy Winging It In Motown Scoring Leaders D. Sedin: 8-24-32
H. Zetterburg 9-24-33

Red Wings
21-12-3 SEASON RECORD 20-9-9
45 Points 49
6th Conference Position 5th
Lost 1
Streak Won 1
2.86 (9)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
2.82 (12)
2.67 (19)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
2.32 (5)
20.0 (10) Power Play % 23.6 (3)
86.9 (4) Penalty Kill % 88.0 (2)
48.3 (22) Faceoff Win % 55.1 (1)
10.5 (19) PIM / GP 8.3 (5)
49.2 (21) Corsi For % 53.2 (4)
100.3 (13) PDO 100.7 (10)

There's only a couple things you really need to know about tonight's game. First, Tom Sestito's been put on waivers and like most Canucks fans, I took the sobering news hard.

So now that he's off to go play out his time in the NHL before joining the Tea Party and run for Congress, we can celebrate some other good news, because Zack is back! Zack Kassian's been cleared to play, and they're sitting Linden Vey to get him back in the lineup. There's a lot of people who think Zack has been a disappointment, but it's hard to call someone a disappointment when you've not given them a fair crack in the first place. Here's the bottom line: The Canucks had just 4 regulation losses with him in the lineup, and have had 8 during his absence. They're a better team with him there, and once he gets back  up to speed, perhaps we can see the Canucks follow suit.

The Canucks will need to rely on their penalty killing tonight, facing a deadly Wings PP tonight. The major focus has to be 5 on 5 play though. The top lines need to provide some support for Ryan Miller, who's been really damn good over the past couple weeks. He's given the Canucks chances to win, and they're failing him.


Forget all the flannel-clad poseurs and dead rock stars: this is the best thing outta the Pacific Northwest: Toxic Holocaust with Lord Of The Wasteland!

Impromptu Drinking Games Rules


- 1 Drink: It's Saturday and that means Healy, Cox and Cherry. Drink.

- 1 Drink: Gonna go out on a limb and predict there will be someone who says the Canucks now lack toughness...

- 2 Drinks: ... and that means they show Marchand punching Daniel...

- 2 Drinks: ... which means we'll see a return of the Marchand for Kassian rumours on the broadcast...

- 3 Drinks: ... and someone (looking at you, Glen Healy) will tell the nation the Canucks NEED Marchand...

- 3 drinks: ... and we should all take 3 drinks as a pre-emptive strike.