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A Look At Kesler's Headshot On Dorsett

Check it out, here are all the angles of the hit that knocked Derek Dorsett out of the game:

It's a headshot, period. Did Dorsett put himself in a vulnerable position? Nah. Was it an accidental contact to the head by Ryan Kesler? I don't know. Was it a reckless hit by RK17? Ugh. I guess concussions aren't the flavor of the week anymore. I guess the scientifically-proven danger of concussions are not the latest cool anymore. Fuck, two years ago every single idiot MSM and Twittiot would have been all over this hit. Not anymore.

Henrik Sedin on the hit:

"He (the ref) said it was accidental."

"If the refs miss it, that’s going to happen, but the league is going to have to take care of this because it’s a dirty play. It shouldn’t be a part of hockey."

Shawn Matthias on the missed "appropriate" call not being made on the play:

"That seems to have happened a lot this year."

Hey, you know me. I love old school hockey and have constantly bitched and complained about the big hits dying because of the headshot rules that were in place. So a part of me loves the Kesler hit, but the other side of my mind thinks: "fuck it all to hell!!" Why? Because all of the do-gooder safety police people had an axe to grind now are silent. After eating your granola bar, please realize that Double D is out of action after a hit to the head from an asshole named Ryan Kesler, who loves that damned heel role, by the way. Fuck him.

Maybe after I wake up after a long night shift the NHL will call Kesler to a phone meeting or what-the-hell-ever. Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. Are the Canucks gonna demand an inquiry? No way! Not this passive bunch! (Sorry I am bitter). Prove me wrong, Canucks management.

------------Edit: I woke up annnnnndd......

Motherfuckers! -----------

Oh, and please for the love of christ don't shrug your shoulder at this incident because the injured party was a fourth line winger. If that was Kesler whopping Daniel Sedin like that there would be an uproar wouldn't there? LAME!