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Canucks' Stats Leaders At The All-Star Break

I kind of do this after every 10 games. No better time than right now though! This is a look at which Canucks are tops in as many stat categories that I feel like finding. Let's go!



26-16-3, 55 points (7th in the West, 2 points ahead of 8th place Calgary and 9 points ahead of 10th-place Colorado.) Who was knocking Colorado earlier in the season? Prepare to eat your own feces.

GOALS FOR PER GAME: 2.71, 17th in the NHL

GOALS AGAINST/Game: 2.51, 10th in the NHL

5 ON 5: .95 goals for and against %, 21st in the NHL. Folks, this stat is very important.

POWERPLAY: 18.7% efficiency, (15th in the NHL)

PENALTY KILL: 88.3%, second in the NHL just barely behind the Black Hawks.

SCORING FIRST WINNING %: When the Canucks score the first goal they have a .760 winning percentage (9th in the NHL). Why .760? Why the decimal point? Lame.


LEADING AFTER 2 WINNING %: 86.4%, 11th in the NHL. Only Chicago and Calgary have perfect records when leading after 2 periods.

The Canucks are 14th in the NHL in winning % when outshooting the opposition, but 8th in the NHL when being outshot.

Vancouver's 47.9% faceoff winning percentage ranks them 24th in the NHL.

The Canucks' 26 powerplay goals this seasonr ranks them 19th. Their 224:22 time on the PP is low and ranks them 26th in the NHL. With 7 five on 3 opportunities handed out by the refs, the Canucks have scored no goals 2-men up. That looks worse than what it is. The Canucks have only had 1:08 time with the 2-man advantage. 8 other teams have no goals on the 5 on 3 as well.

Their penalty kill is sublime: 88.3%, second only to Chicago (88.4%).

The Canucks are 3rd in the NHL with 1-goal game winning percentage (68.8%).

The Canucks are top 10 in the NHL with 3 goal game winning and losing percentages.

Their 172 minor penalties called against them is the 11th-most in the NHL. Gotta hate those 10 bench minors called against them. The most in the NHL.

Hits: 854 (27th in the NHL)

Blocked Shots: 688 (13th)

Missed Shots: 506 (21st). Not a bad thing.

Giveaways: 375 (16th)

Takeaways: 288 (16th)


GOALS: 1. Vrbata (18), 2. Bonino, Burrows, Hansen (10),  3. Sedins (9)

ASSISTS: 1. Daniel Sedin (30), 2. H. Sedin: 29 (Daniel has more assists than his brother? What in the blue hell???) 3. Bonino (14)

POINTS: 1. D. Sedin (39),  2. H. Sedin (38), 3. Vrbata (31)

PLUS/MINUS BEST: 1. Higgins and Tanev (+8), 2. Edler (+7), 3. H. Sedin and Stanton (+6). Suck on that, Stanton haters. Higgins and Edler have the best home +/- (+7). Stanton has the best road +/- with +9. Yea!

PLUS/MINUS WORST: 1. Sbisa: (-11, ACK!!) 2. Kassian (-7), 3. Matthias, Bieksa, Hamhuis (-4). Sbisa has the worst plus/minus on the road (-9), but Hamhuis and Vrbata are worst at home (-7)

POWER PLAY GOALS: 1. Vrbata (8), 2. Vey and Edler (4), 3. Daniel and Burrows (3).

PP POINTS: 1. D.Sedin (16), 2. Vrbata (15) 3. H. Sedin (14)

SHORTHANDED GOALS: 1. Dorsett (2), 2. Richardson and Hansen (1).

GAME WINNERS: 1. Bonino (4), 2. D. Sedin and Vrbata (3),  3. Hansen, Vey, Dorsett (2).

SHOTS: 1. Vrbata (141), 2. Edler (116), 3. D. Sedin (106). Higgins has 103 shots.

TIME ON ICE/GAME: Pretty straight forward. Edler leads all. Go Eddie go!

HITS: 1. Dorsett (98,bless your heart), 2. Sbisa (76, good for something at least), 3. Bieksa (74)

BLOCKED SHOTS: 1. Tanev is a beast with 117, 2. Edler (81), 3. Bieksa (75). Just FYI, Linden Vey has 3 blocked shots in 41 games played.

MISSED SHOTS: 1. Vrbata (51), 2. D. Sedin (45), 3. Edler (44). Those that shoot the most will dominate this category.

GIVEAWAYS: 1. Bieksa (49), 2. Edler (37), 3. Tanev (31)

TAKEAWAYS: 1. Bonino (38), 2. Hansen (26), 3. Matthias and H. Sedin (20)

FACEOFF WINNING % (Minimum 100 faceoffs taken): 1. Bo Horvat (52%), 2. Richardson (48.4%), 3. Hank (47.9%)


Ryan Miller: 34 GP, 23-10-1, 2.30 GAA, .918 save %, 5 shutouts

Eddie Lack: 14 GP, 3-6-2, 2.61 GAA, .912 save %, 1 shutout.

Who's the better goalie now, b****es? BAH!


CORSI RELATIVE QUALITY OF COMPETITION: Corrado, Bonino, Higgins, Burrows, Hamhuis

ON-ICE CORSI: Edler, Tanev, H. Sedin.

ON-ICE TEAM SHOOTING %: Sestito, Weber, Burrows, Bieksa

ON ICE SAVE %: Sestito, DeFazio, Horvat, Stanton, Tanev

HIGH PDO: Sestito, Stanton, Higgins, Weber, Vey, Horvat, Weber, Tanev.

LOW BOTTOM PDO: Sbisa, Kassian, Jensen. High PDO means regression. Low PDO means opposite.

OFFENSIVE ZONE START %: DeFazio, Stanton, Weber, Dorsett, Vey, Sedins.

OFFENSIVE ZONE FINISH %: Jensen, DeFazio, H. Sedin, Vey, Higgins, Burrows

I crossed out players' names who have not played many NHL games this season therefore their stats are bogus and of small sample size.

There are so any other advanced stats out there. The first one that comes to mind is "quality of teammates". Don't even get me started.


Hank: 1 goal and 3 assists in his last 8 games

Dank: 3 assists in his last 6 games.

Vrbata: 2 goals and no assists in his last 7 games.

Bonino: 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 7. 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 4 games. Gold Star.

Higgins: 1 assist in his last 8 games.

Burrows: 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 4 games. Gold star.

Hansen: 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 4 games. Gold star.

Matthias: 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 4 games.

Richardson: 1 assist in his prior 8 games before injury

Kassian: No points in his last 9 games

Dorsett: 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 10 games. Who cares? We love you, DD!

Horvat: 1 goal in his last 9 games. Who cares? I'm a big fan of this kid. He plays like he gives a shit.

Vey: The teacher's pet apparently. 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 10. Still better than Kassian.

Them are the forwards. Rather than dissect the defencemen individually, allow me to give you the point totals of the Canucks' defencemen over the last 10 games:

Bieksa: 3 assists. He's done now.

Edler: 2 goals and 2 assists

Hamhuis: Skewed because of injury: 3 assists in his last 10 games.

Tanev: 2 assists in his last 10 games

Stanton: 1 goal and 3 assists in his last 10.

Weber:  2 goals and 1 assist in his last 10 games

Sbisa: ZERO points in his last 10 games.

OK, I am done. What are your thoughts on these stats? I know, I know...Sbisa and Kassian are shitbags! Tell me more! Any thoughts on Daniel Sedin becoming a playmaker instead of a sniper? So we invest $14 million on two top line playmakers? Really?? My anger has no end. How about the offensive futility of our second line? OOO!!!! They are good at shutting down opposing teams' players? Give me a break! A shutdown role is gold but you gotta put up the points too if you are top 6. I'm not trying to be a party pooper. I think this Canucks' story writes itself. The regular season and playoffs are 2 different animals. I would not want to go into battle with this group.