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Canucks Jersey Fails / Wins


SBN's Pat Iversen posted that main pic yesterday, even though it's an older pic:

Oh no. That's just sad. I think Richy Garcia said it best:

Let's take a look at some more Canucks jersey fails from recent memory.

You can't have TWO embellishers on ONE jersey!

Hell, even I can sew a straighter line than that! Meth..not even once!

I hope this guy's name is Keith Seler, or else he's a mighty big tool.

No no no no no! Get the f*** outta here!

I hate to even call this a fail because the dude is a superfan and gives no shits with his limited income. God bless you, man!

What do you do with a jersey like this after all is said and done? Burn it? Hide it in your closet and cry on your pillow?

Proof that there is no God:

Huh...sorry to offend anyone (no), but next time this guy should pray for 40 goals from an aging Swedish NHL star.


Yea, because Cobie looks good in just about anything. Classic.

Time will tell, my friend. Time will tell.

This was during round 2 of the 201 Playoffs. Well played, green men.

I would think this sums up Canucks fans' opinion of Mike Gillis' handling of the goalie situation. All that's missing is a Swedish chef.

First off, this lady has more intestinal fortitude than the Sedins. Secondly, here is the footage :

Canucks vs. Sharks..Ben Eager Penalty Box by BlackSportsOnline

That may be the win of all wins. Forget about it, Green Men! This lady forever topped your act!

I don't care what anyone says. Body paint is a jersey. Also, a jersey WIN. A lot of that was going around when the Canucks marched to the Stanley Cup Finals.

There are more Canucks body paint images than jersey fails.See? See? See? See? See?

This is quickly all I could find (with a stick tap to Pass It To Bulis for many of the jersey fails), who already did this a couple years ago). Do you have more fails or wins that you have come across? Please share them in the comments section!