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Video Highlights: Kings Rally Late To Beat Canucks 3-2

Some of us were saying that after Justin Wiliams ripped the tying goal top cheese on Ryan Miller, we were not surprised that the Kings scored soon after to take the 3-2 lead. Why? Because the Kings controlled the play for so damned long and in the end outshot the Canucks 40-16! Yikes. Miller was most excellent in this game and gave the Canucks a real chance to win it until the winning goal by Jarret Stoll, which was a softie.

But it's quite easy to point a huge finger of blame on a goaltender, when you have a limited knowledge of hockey . Where were the Canucks in this one? I know, they are working on their defence and stuff, but I can barely remember many saves by Jonathan Quick. The Kings played patiently and outworked the Canucks and it finally paid off. Even a shootout loss would have been larceny by Vancouver.

Hated that late penalty on/by Ryan Stanton as well. That was playing with fire. That was also the Canucks on their damned heels, as I mentioned earlier.