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Morning Buzz: Come Back Hockey, You're Missed

I saw some NFL games yesterday and blood squired out of my ears. Can we have our hockey now?

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Happiness is a mouth guard that doesn't clash with your uniform
Happiness is a mouth guard that doesn't clash with your uniform
Rich Lam

Some news and notes to start off your week:

Canucks News

  • You say Bo, I'll say Horvat. [Vancouver Sun]
  • A few names to watch at the Young Stars Tournament this week. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Gallagher tries to read Benning's mind. What could go wrong? [Das Province]
  • Sedins + Vrbata = You'll forget Torts was ever here. [Das Province]
  • Markstrom is putting on the bravest face he can. [PHT]
  • Speaking of the goal crease, what happens if - besides millions of us simultaneously punching our own face - Lack outplays Miller? [PITB]
  • You didn't really want to make the playoffs, right? [Too Many Men On The Site]
  • Does Vancouver deserve another hockey team? [The Peak]
  • Zanstorm note: Hey! Check out Ryan Miller's new mask!


A big tip of the hat to In Goal Magazine for posting the pics and to J.S. King for giving us the heads up in the comments section. You can see more angles of the mask at IGM. Check it out.

Everybody Else

  • Tampa is trying to steal a certain franchise's (I won't name who) claim to Swedish dominance. The nerve... [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Hey, got $1.2 billion and some broken dreams to share with everyone around you? [TSN]
  • Today's episode of "Where in the world is Raphael Diaz?" brings us to Detroit. [MLive] Just kidding!
  • Don't click this one. Seriously, just skip it and keep reading. [ESPN]
  • (You clicked that link didn't you? Go take a shower now)
  • Top ten players/coaches on the hot seat, and GASP, no Canucks are involved. Golf clap! [THN]
  • Gary Bettman and the sale of the NY Islanders. I challenge you not to laugh at least once while reading. [Newsday]
  • The top 14 defensemen in the league which somehow ignores Edler, so it's a farce off the bat. []

Oh What The Hell

  • If I said you can have seven weeks of never-ending pasta AND breadsticks for $100, would you (A) physically assault me for helping communicate the downfall of Western culture or (B) just throw up? Discuss! [Olive Garden]