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Hell Hath No Fury: Jacob Markstrom Waived

...I never said he was a woman, just plain old scorned.

Land who?
Land who?
Rich Lam

So all the false panic about the Canucks rolling with three goalies to start the season turns out to be nothing as the odd man out hits the waivers this morning:

The Vancouver Canucks have put goalie Jacob Markstrom on waivers.

Markstrom is up for grabs until 9 a.m. Saturday.

The possible thinking? Vancouver’s looking to get the 6-foot-6, 196-pound Swede through the process and into the minors before another team suffers a goalie injury.

Or perhaps want to free up $1.2 million, take your pick.

Should this be the last we see of Markstrom, his Vancouver career line will look like this: 1-2 with a 3.00 GAA and a .868 SV%. That SV% would put him a hair behind one Mika Noronen's .870 SV% from his four game stint back in 2006. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

While the chance was slim Desjardins would roll with three goalies into the regular season, current back-up Eddie Lack has played strong this preseason and likely earned the trust to handle the reigns on his own. It also opens up another roster space as the coaching staff takes longer looks at bubble guys like Nicklas Jensen, Hunter Shinkaruk and Bo Horvat.

Now while we wait for Markstrom to hopefully clear waivers and head off towards Utica (and not perhaps end up in Winnipeg, Florida or NJ because somehow this has to come back to screw this team), we can turn our focus to what's really important: when Lack outplays Ryan Miller and we have another $6 million dollar goalie riding the pine*.

*I troll my own people, therefore I am