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Let's Get To Work

You feel it ? That crispness in the air ? Well, not quite yet, it has been a bit swelterly in Lotusland this week, but it is coming...

Bruce Bennett

Before you know it, the Young Stars will be showing off in Penticton ( I want to see Jared McCann myself ) , and then the daily stories that accompany players being back in town, skating at UBC turning into a quasi "camp before the camp", and once again we will be awash in the rhythms of another season.

We know this one going to be different though.  I think the theme will be the "change" the team has promised in the ad campaign this year  ( and as I wrote about on different levels periodically throughout the offseason ) will make this a singularly unique year to follow.

A Blank Slate.  This team will be almost as much fun to follow on the ice as it will certainly be in the comment sections of NM, twitter, and the netherworlds of the CBC stories ( DO NOT READ THOSE ONES ! #lol ;-) comment section.

And we will all be right ( and probably wrong ) at the same time.  Because no one really knows how it will all work out.  We have our stats,our reasons for believing a certain expectation might come to fruition.  But with all the changes, the new players, the new bosses, the new style, it can go so many ways, and the team can have so many degrees of what will be thought a "success" ( a moving line in and of itself ), that the talking about hockey might be as much fun as watching the team !

For what it is worth, I have confidence in this team.  I will make some predictions of what may happen below, but first, some housekeeping.  Sean Larson and myself have divvied up the game recaps in a new fashion, for your edification.  I will be taking care of all the games that are played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ( 37, I believe, in total ), and Mr. Larson will be recapping the games on the other days of the week.

I am looking forward to  this season, and the stories that it will bring. Something tells me that there will be more than one narrative that was unexpected before the season began.  A player who got hot will be the new "it" player for that week.  And perhaps a guy in trade rumours the next year...let's take a peek at the ol' crystal ball and prognosticate a bit...

- A huge ( well, maybe not huge, but still a big one ) prognostication is this one. I believe that Bo Horvat will make the Canucks this year.  Not as no 10 game guy either.  He will start on the 4th line, but will he end the season on that line ?

- Check this story on Jim Benning.  He has a board with every player in the NHL on it in his office.  Do we think that he will stand pat all year ? No ?  I am putting the over under on trades this year at three...

- A great story here from Kevin Woodley on Nick Bonino.

- There will be some ups and downs, of course, but when the team has it's first losing streak, how long do we think it will take for folks to be upset ?  A four game losing streak with no points might just be enough in the Pacific Division, as pundits will be the first to say "I told you so..."

So, just a few thoughts there.  Look for the posts to increase as the team gets back to work.  The Young Stars will be first up, and we will have you covered here at Nucks Misconduct.

Here's a couple videos of the guys on the team having fun.  Chris Higgins checks out the sights from a helicoptor...

And Bieksa and Lack take Fin on the classic wooden rollercoaster at Playland...