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2014-15 NucksMisconduct Hockey Pool

It's that time again... Who's team will reign supreme?

Christian Petersen

NucksMisconduct can be a very competitive place, and there's no better place to show off who's the smartest hockey mind amongst the NMers than the annual hockey pool! The league is guaranteed to have some rookie join the potentially returning seasoned veterans because the league is expanding! Last year the league featured 16 teams... That was pretty great, but what's better than 16?  20!  That's right there will be at least 4 rookies to feast on... Or to feast on the grizzled veterans (Like me, by Jebus were my "Higgins Heroes" hideous last year).  Regardless of how it turns out, it should bring out the finest smack talk that SBN has ever seen!


As in previous years, teams will be awarded to the 19 community members with the most posted comments who have expressed interest in joining the 2014-15 version of the battle royale!  To put yourself into the running for one of the limited spots, just leave a comment on this article. 


Last year Zanstorm created a league that was very in depth... I can't brain a league like that, so I'm stepping it back a bit for this season.  The notable changes for this year are: Fewer Categories (7 Offensive, 4 Goaltender); No bench (Roster limit of 20 active players); and the introduction of a day-to-day injury list (2 player maximum) in addition of the standard Injured Reserve (2 player maximum). 


Here are the pertinent details for this year's head-to-head pool:

Draft Date: Sunday October 5, 2014 @ 8:30 Pacific Time (the last Sunday before the season starts) 

Roster Requirements:

Center (C): 2
Left Winger: 1
Right Winger (RW): 1
Winger (W): 2
Forward (F): 2
Defenseman (D): 4
Utility (Util): 2
Goalie (G): 2
Injured Reserve (IR) 2
IR or Day-to-Day (IR+) 2

Scoring Categories:

Player Stats:

Power Play Points
Short Handed Points
Game Winning Goals


Goals Against Average
Save Percentage


Prizes: TBA.  I have some connections to work before that gets announced.