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Morning Buzz: NOTHING Goes Over My Head

My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.

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Rich Lam

Some hump day news and notes for ya'll:

Canucks News

  • Mr. Everything is doing the whole "onwards and upwards" thing. [Das Province]
  • "I’ve had teams that have always scored," Desjardins said. Challenge accepted! [Das Sun]
  • Hey Abbott! [Das Sun] [Also relevant]
  • Besides the "wew" this is the best headline you'll see all day. [THN]
  • This is why you kids got to get on the Twitter [CTVnews]
  • Have the Canucks done enough this off season? [Give Me Sports]
  • Dave Ebner hates promotional videos. And you. [GlobeAndMail]
  • Eddie Lack with his new lid and pads. [Imgur]
  • Chris Higgins has shaved his beard. EVERYONE HEAD TO THE BUNKERS. [Twitter]

Everybody Else

  • Saku Koivu is ready to get fat playing golf from here on out. [TSN]
  • Just in case you needed some Mark Messier news in your life. [Slate]
  • Bray May loves himself one Pacific team in particular. No, it's not Vancouver silly. [ESPN]
  • Just in case you needed some Brad Marchand news in your life. [Boston Globe]
  • John Tavares is optimistic. That's an actual headline. [NYPost]
  • 10 players who fancy stats suggest will break through seasons in 2015. Just ignore #10. [THN]
  • I will never unsee Benny the Jet. [Imgur]
  • Kamloops will host the 2016 Women's World Hockey Championship. [TSN]

Oh What The Hell

  • Curious what it looks like to fly over an erupting volcano? [LiveLeak]