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Sedin VS Sedin Sounds Like Fun

It's the dog days of summer, hockey wise. The long period of magnificent weather out here on the West Coast might have hockey on the back burner, as BBQ's, vacations, and just enjoying the summer take precedence.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

It sounds like was thinking the same thing, as they have come up with something for us to enjoy, starting August 11th.  The trailer does not give away too much as to the competitions, but the fitness level of these two is legendary, with them leading the team in fitness testing for a good part of the last decade.

So, you know it will be competitive.  Who ya got ? Henrik Sedin or Daniel Sedin ?  I am leaning towards the older brother, but it will be close.  Good call by the mothership on this one.

- Also at home base is this missive from John Garrett.  I know, I know, Cheech gets the "biggest homer" designation, and is dismissed by some because of it.  I tend to find his outlook refreshing.  He does make some good points about the last 6 years of production of The Twins and Alexandre Burrows.  Check him out here.

- Got to agree with this Habs fan on this one.  Had me at the title. Except for the Plekanec stuff, a bit.  He has a bit of the "asshole" in his game too.  And yeah, he definitely deserved more than 5 games for the submarine hit on Sami Salo.

Sounds like a great cause, and something you might want to check out August 17th at the Richmond Oval.

This one came out last week, but I wanted to link to it, for selfish reasons.  Trevor Linden captures what I love about riding a bicycle too. ( while I have never done any of the rides he talks so passionately about, however.  It was a little sad to hear that PrattMan was doing the same tired old screed that got him canned from TEAM the first time about the bike lanes, but ce la vie.  FWIW ( regardless of politics, this isn't about that , really ), the guy that ran on bike lanes ( twice ) was elected ( twice ) by about 2 / 3rds or so of the citizens of Vancouver.  Maybe Mr TEAM reminded his morning man of that market research ?  #lol

- It must be the dog days, for me to link to Eklunds site.  But I like the new Canuck writer there. Carol Schram.  Her links here report on great junior camps for Bo Horvat and Thatcher Demko, as well as linking to the news about Don Taylor being demoted to radio only, and Craig McEwen no longer being a member of the Sportsnet family.

- I love these mic'd up things.  The coaching Clouts is doing with Demko is interesting here too.  It will definitely get "quicker" in the NHL Thatcher...