August OT Open Thread

Hello NM!

Well it is a new month so time for a new open OT thread. It's August, the sun is shining, I have a bit of a sunburn, I will be a year older sometime this month and I've been in this gorgeous location a year :)

Zandberg wanted me to tie this in with his top 5 hockey post and he's the boss-man :) So without further ado, some fun questions for conversation starters :)

  • what are your top 5 travel destinations? Why? Your 5 least favorite? why?
  • what are your top 5 things you love about summer? Least favorite things?

How about you guys? Have any good top 5 questions?
As usual, I will provide some eye candy for the guys:



And for the ladies :)



All right, have fun :)

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