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Report: Jacob Markstrom Requesting A Trade (Updated)

Nobody likes being #3!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


Regardless, I'm pretty sure management is looking to move him. *****************

Jason Botchford is reporting that Markstrom asked to be traded after the Canucks signed Ryan Miller on July 1. Jim Benning said today:

"That situation could work itself out over the summer. The teams that are interested may have to move out another guy.

We’re exploring that for Jacob. But if that doesn’t happen, Jacob comes to camp. He has a good attitude. He understands the situation.

Look at Minnesota last year. They went through about five goalies."

Markstrom and his $1.2 million salary knows the situation here with Ryan Miller on board. He is #3 and bound for Utica before the season starts. I don't know how demanding Markstrom is being about this. The return for a not-NHL-ready goaltender is likely a 5th round pick or lower.

Naturally, I'd like him to stay as the #3. At the rate goalies get run over nowadays, he'd come in handy.

Botchford reports that at least 3 teams are interested.

Markstrom was a key piece in the Roberto Luongo trade.

Lately he has been seen doing this: