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Chris Tanev Signs For One Year, 2 Million

I was busy all day, and I guess my brethren were as well. It is a long weekend Saturday down South, and just plain old summertime up North of the 49th...

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

But just a quick post to make it official.  Christopher Tanev will bring that slowly emerging offensive game, underrated first pass, and icy calm in his own end with the puck to the Canuck lineup for one year and 2 million.

This is more about RFA rights ( he'll still be an RFA at the end of this one...) and is as much about the way that a guy like Tanev can be so effective and adaptable up and down the lineup, while inspiring debate and differing opinions with his "variables".  There is still more in his game to come, and while we can never safely predict the future, I do think they end up signing him to something longer term.  He has a great chance to have a "breakout" season this year to move that number up again...

All I know is I have liked the way he plays the game since they plucked him out of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and continually get amazed at how the man has that "Gumby" like ability to take monstrous hits to make calm plays without getting smooshed.

He says he developed it because he was a small guy that grew late ( hence his unusual path to the NHL instead of the draft, as Tanev was out of hockey briefly, playing Roller Hockey instead ), and that it was as much survival instinct as anything else.

All I know is he should be the official BC Hockey Ambassador of Teaching Kids How To Take a Hit !