July OT Thread

Ok, it's summer, there is no hockey and we had a crappy season so I am making an OT thread :)

I miss our awesome OT threads! We can keep this one until it gets too full :)

We have some new members here at NM so just to let you know, pretty much anything goes on the OT threads - but we still have to follow the basic site rules :)

An old member used to ask some "would you rather" type of questions so I thought I would ask some to see what you all say :P

1. Naked in Antarctica or in a snow suit in the desert?

2. Boring sex with a different person every night or amazing sex with the same partner for 50 years?

3. Have an extra mouth or have a third arm?

4. Work 100 hours a week at a job you love or 40 hours a week at a job that sucks your soul dry?

5. Blind or deaf?

6. 5 years in jail for something you didn't do or 10 years in jail for something you did do?

7. Live without TV or live without music?

8. Always be gossiped about or people never talk/think about you at all?

9. Find true love or win $1,000,000?

10. Visit space or the ocean floor?

and now some eye candy :)

Something for the guys:



and something for the ladies:



Let the crazy begin :)

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