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Canucks Re-sign Zack Kassian

And they re-signed him to a pretty sweet deal. 2 years, and 3.5 million dollars total. 1.75 is pretty fair for Zack Kassian, and the two years enables him to have that breakout season next year to really cash in. Well done Jim Benning.


By my unofficial, pants off blogging reckoning and understanding, that means they have to resign Christopher Tanev and Linden Vey to their deals.  After that, it is..."show me"  to the guys in the lineup, and whatever moves one Trader Jim can do do tweak a bit more, I would think.

The way it is going, Trader Jim may just be able to wrong a few Cap dollars of movement out of this thing yet. But that is for another day.

I love this deal myself, but I am welcome to someone telling me below exactly why it sucks to have a guy motivated by more than money, and who looks for all purposes to be on the verge of a break out, to have that added benefit of knowing that if he pays his best, he will surely get PAID again, and soon enough.

Carry on with the program Lord Trevor and Sir James of Bennington.

Excuse the photo. It was too good to pass by. I know that he can do more than that, but the KassSquatch "Is What He Is".

He can fight, AND...

It's that AND that has me looking forward to what a motivated Zack Kassian can do with this deal.