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Canucks Reportedly Sign Radim Vrbata

2 years, $10 million. There will be eggs thrown I'm sure!

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

I like the guy, as I remember him to be a pain in the *** for the Canucks to play against at times, in addition to being able to put the puck in the net ( Radim Vrbata got 20 goals and 51 points last year for that 3 mil, and just 2 years before that, scored 35 goals and 62 points.

More to come, like the cost ( just coming across the dictaphone...2 years and 10 million.  He can score, we hope, but I like that the first thing I remembered about the guy is that he was a pain in the *** for my team to play against.  What do we think...good price, bad price ?  Fresh meat for the debate !

EDIT -  Read this article from a little while ago, as Ian Cooper prognosticates the good FA's from the others.  His offensive and defensive stats lead me to believe Trader Jim did just fine for his 5 million x 2 years...