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In Search of Offense: Free Agency Open Thread

Benning admitted he still has work to do and chances are he won't wait long.

You are master of all you survey
You are master of all you survey
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you did nothing more than read one of the daily rags yesterday, you'd be convinced that all GMJB did as free agency kicked off was invest in another drawn out goalie problem while simultaneously losing ground in the West because, in the eyes of the ever level-headed Mr. Gallagher, Vancouver is nothing more than a pop gun offense. While some of this is perhaps true, the immediate rush to kick the organization when it's (a) already down and (b) July 2nd does little to dispel the myth Vancouver has the most fickle fan base ever.

Via, Vancouver has approximately $11.7 million dollars remaining in cap space. Factoring in a healthy bump for their RFAs, it likely leaves them between $5-6 million to spend on reinforcements. As we saw with Ryan Miller, you pay a premium to yank a guy off the market on July 1.  Check the damage from yesterday; I see no one there in the $5-6 million range that would quell the editorial mob at the gate. Iginla would have been nice, but no one should be expecting a 37-year-old to be an offensive center piece either which is why he took himself to a place where he's a compliment to an established, young core. The other options - Vanek, Cammalleri, Moulson and Stastney - all got paid handsomely or had their hearts set on a location anyway. And, hey, we didn't shell out $5.5 for a third line center from Toronto to play pretend he's a 2LC.

So back to the conference room battle it is. Rosterbate away with capgeek or extraskater lists; there are still plenty of ways to shop for offensive reinforcements. Let's see how the Benning rolls.