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2014 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread

Are you not entertained? GM Jim Benning has certainly run the show today with a number of deals that have fundamentally changed the makeup of this team, and while time will tell if these moves are correct, it's encouraging to see he & Trevor Linden putting their stamp on the team. Now though, it's time to see who will be part of the Canucks future as we prepare for the draft in Philly.

Mitchell Leff

Just under an hour from now, someone (maybe the Canucks?) will be making the first selection in this year's NHL entry draft.  The Canucks are now in a position where they have 4 picks in the first 50, and while this draft may not be the deepest in years, it still bodes well for whatever this is that Linden/Benning & Co. are doing, whether it be rebuild or retool.

The Ryan Kesler era is over, the Canucks have brought in some young faces that may or may not make this team better, but the point we have to remember is that there are numerous teams who found themselves in the position the Canucks are in and they did nothing to fix it.  The fact that the Canucks are addressing concerns as best they can is encouraging to say the least, and let's be honest: they're not done yet.  The new slogan is 'Change Is Coming', and if you didn't think it was going to hurt some along the way, you're naive at best.

A reminder: Before posting tweets in the comments, take a second to ensure the accounts you are RT'ing are the real deal.  I get you want to be the 1st one up, but we want to make sure info going up is factual rather than fast.  Also, it's been an emotional day to say the least, try and remember to have fun with this.  I really feel this is one of the most exciting days I've seen in years as a writer for the Canucks.