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Kesler's Days In Vancouver Seem Numbered

Ben Nelms

In a perfect world, Wyatt Arndt's tweet comes to fruition:

Unfortunately, ever since the rumor surfaced that Ryan Kesler told somebody at the Sochi Olympics that he wanted out of Vancouver, the proverbial fire has not been extinguished, even though he said this in February:

Complete denial. Right? Nah, I was never convinced. The trade deadline didn't help matters either. CBC's Elliotte Friedman had said that "Kesler was only believed to have interest in six teams: Anaheim, Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay."

So did Kesler really want to stay and management wanted to move him? Was it mutual? Did ownership actually veto a Mike Gillis trade of Kesler at the deadline? I think I have an answer for some of that. The Score asked new Canucks GM Jim Benning about Kesler yesterday and he said this:

"I touched base with the agent, and with Ryan yesterday.  We're still going back and forth on that. We're going to listen to Ryan. We're going to have a good, open, honest communication. Where it leads to, at this point, I don't know, but we've had open communication with him and his agent."

Ergh. That's where you can read between the lines. 100% certainty? Almost. It appears Kesler would like to be traded. It sucks. He's the heart and soul of the team. Players like Kesler don't grow on trees. I want him here. But if he wants out, yea, by all means, please ship him out of town when the deal is right. It's a lousy reality but it appears to be what is going down.

Will a deal go down on Draft Day? Maybe the Canucks are one of the 6-or-so teams interested in Florida's first pick overall.