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No Rangers No! Late-Night Zanstorm Ramblings

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This not happening. The Rangers in the Stanley Cup Final? Oh please God no. Any Canucks fan who grew up with no cell phones or anything other than a Nintendo or Sega Genesis should get it. F*ck the New York Rangers. Let me start off by saying that I wanted the Habs to win that series, and maybe would have gotten a better fate had Carey Price not been injured. It was all about Canadiana. I was cool with that. At the same time, I have been telling people all along that there is something special about this Rangers team. They go to battle and will bleed for each other. You can see it in their play. You can also see it in their off-ice activities, like all the guys going to to the funeral of Martin St. Louis' mother as a prime example. It's almost a tear-jerking sight. I can respect that. I really can. It's companionship at its finest.


Gad, I stay offline for 9 days, and then do a Twitter search for Canucks news and I see shit like this:

What the f*ck? How shortsighted is this madness? Here's how I see it. John Tortorella was a hard-ass in New York and then AV walks in and takes the reins off and gets to the Finals. OK, I can give kudos to AV for doing that and getting results (on top of getting St. Louis at the deadline). But this isn't a black and white case. For all you Twidiots out there that think the Canucks would be in so much better shape right now had AV still been the Canucks coach....

So, what happened in AV's last 2 seasons in Vancouver?


Yea a 4-1 series loss to the Kings 2 seasons ago.


4-game sweep. So how about the Twitiots take a step back and focus on reality. Alain Vigneault was done here. The team could not regain their 2011 form. And maybe, just maybe John Tortorella was right all along when he called the core of the team stale. Those 2 early playoff exits were proof beyond words, so I don't give a shit what Linden and Benning say. Was Tortorella a wrong fit in Vancouver? Mostly, yes. But the team DID need a kick in the ass from AV's hands off approach, and it needed to play better defensively. Torts tried to bring it but the players did not buy into it consistently enough. A loser is a loser, folks. Sure, the Canucks missed the playoffs this season....but the previous 2 first round exits were about equally as embarrassing.

Vigneault inherited a Rangers team that now still has Tortorella's footprints all over it. Yes, it's true. The attitude and attention to defence of this Rangers team reek of what Tortorella was preaching here. Nobody has more blocked shots in these playoffs than the Rangers. Ring a bell? Yea, ding ding mofo!


You need to hate them. This is not a diplomacy. You don't get a vote. You need to hate them.


I can't believe that was 20 years ago...already. They killed the 54-year "jinx" against our warrior Canucks in 1994....with a loaded team....pre-salary-cap era. These dicks were like the Yankees back then and they took full advantage of $$$ spending to make a winning team. C'mon, the Rangers are buttheads. Remember that laugh that Mark Messier had as he hoisted the Cup? Well if you don't then you better do your damned homework. Sweet victory, Mess, but a team with HALF of your team's spending almost took you out. (And that's why I pay far less respect to that Rangers team than I do to the 2011 Bruins.)

I guess the gold in this mine pit is that after 1994 the Rangers kept trying to spend their way to successful teams (including Bure and Lindros and many many more free agents) and FAILED. WOO!


Screw you! This year's Stanley Cup Finals will be settled by the Rangers, Kings or Blackhawks. Really? I will not subject myself to this fucking madness. Like so many NM commentors have said in the past: "I vote meteor".  Amen to that.


For all you Canucks fans that want a complete rebuild of this team: FORGET ABOUT IT


Today I finally got my class 1 drivers license, after 9 days of training. Let me say this: truck driving may look easy and stupid....but it's NOT. Completely the opposite. I have a new respect for truck drivers after my crazy course.