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One Step Closer To The Jim Benning Era

Trevor Linden is reportedly about to do something. Everyone freak out accordingly.

It can hold a wicked amount of chowdah.
It can hold a wicked amount of chowdah.

From the Twitter machine this morning:

If true it certainly makes sense on paper: an ex-Canuck with a direct connection to Linden, a strong record of scouting which - while with Buffalo - included the likes of Jason Pominville, Derek Roy (haha) and Ryan Miller - and despite our collective hatred towards the Bruins roster, has been part of a strong management team there since 2007.

In essence he's everything Mike Gillis wasn't when they went shopping around for a GM last time.

With Pittsburgh and Washington in the market for GM's, it's telling that Benning would be more interested in what appears to be a rebuild in Vancouver than a gradual reshuffling in other markets.

Zanny was kind enough to dip his foot in the pool on this ten days ago, check out his post for more Benning background info.

At least it can be those Scott Howson rumors to rest, to speak nothing of those Jay Feaster ones too. We can only bleed so much over here.