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2014 NHL Playoffs Night #27 - Your Tears Sustain Me

Oh the tears of unfathomable sadness...

You smell that, the springtime crispness in the air? Got that extra kick in your step? The sun feels a bit warmer, people seem friendlier, life simply makes a bit more sense.

Thank you game seven heart break, I love you so much.

  • 4:00 PM PTAlain Vigneault's Tremendously Limp & Decidedly Blue Clownhorns visit Sidney's Magic Carpet Emporium. Either Crosby's slew footing heads home or Mr. Vigneault's lofty aspirations heads home. No matter who is left standing at the end common decency wins. How about we play enough OT's until the sun rises?
  • 6:00 PM PTZach and Nino Make a Porno entertain Joel Quenneville's 101 course on crotch grabbing for people with low self esteem. I feel like the West is Chicago's to lose in general, so all the more reason to back Minnesota for one night and squeeze a game seven out of this. On a related note, don't board Ballard. He has it hard enough.

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