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Report: Canucks To Fire Tortorella

Open mouth. Cue shocked look. Perhaps add the whole face slap part too.

"I mean, they said five years..."
"I mean, they said five years..."
Rich Lam

Across the continent, one Alain Vigneault will check off another tense first round game seven win to his list of accomplishments, rest his weary French head, and wake tomorrow to begin game prep for the second round.

Over here in Vancouver, his replacement is finally pseudo-officially rumored to enter another summer unemployed:

According to TSN's Vancouver reporter Farhan Lalji, the Canucks will fire head coach John Tortorella Thursday, one season after taking over for Alain Vigneault.

If so, it suggests a few immediate things.

The first, and most painfully obvious, was that Torts can't work in a franchise if he's unable to adjust his style with the assets on the team. An overhaul is one thing, overhauling some core assets who can play the way a coach demands isn't the most sound long term solution. Hockey is fluid in many ways and the bench boss has to adapt with that. If not, it's a terribly square peg into a round hole situation.

Second, it suggests sir Trevor Linden - potentially the only person left of note in the back office following sir GMMG heading out the door - has a gameplan. He wouldn't kick Torts to the curb if he didn't have discussions about the ramifications of that decision, including with the potential new GM. Certainly Aquilini, who helped gift Torts his five year deal, would need to quietly agree with the direction too. So that, tossed in all this chaos, is the silver lining: a new direction for the team - which now includes a new GM and coach - is finally in motion.

Back to Tortorella, he's not the Neanderthal many paint him out to be. But if was the right man to steer this team back towards the winning way of things, he didn't help himself with many decisions this season and those errors certainly weren't lost on those advising Linden and the new management core coming in. Perhaps the game has passed Torts by, perhaps not. He's certainly entertaining enough with a mic, so maybe broadcasting is in his future. Get him to do a one-on-one with Larry Brooks and you could charge admission.

Again, all rumors. We'll know more in the morning. For now, vote your soul.