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2014 NHL Playoffs Night #6

Show of hands: anyone out there enjoying some of this first round schadenfreude?

I refuse to stop smiling after seeing the big bad Kings cough up a seven spot last night. You can't stop me. Don't bother trying.

On tonight's menu will be more heartache. Come hungry:

> 4:00 PM: Pittsburgh heads on over to Columbus, but everyone in PA should know that the rest of the world had a conference call earlier and decided you're not allowed to win this series. Sorry, but it's for the best. Pop that cannon!

> 4:00 PM: The Avs roster got their permission slips signed to stay up late tonight and continue to ruin the wet dream of another Parise-led Cup run.

> 5:30 PM: Perhaps sprinkled in with the illegal hits, suspensions and knee on knees there may be some actual hockey played between St. Louis and Chicago. But, you know, probably not. Hack the bone lads.

> 6:30 PM: Teemu Selanne...something something about Texas...Teemu f'ing Selanne!

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