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Nails Are In The Coffin - Canucks vs Rangers Gamethread

Canucks host the Rangers.

Rich Lam

7:00pm PDT, TSN

Enemy territory: Blueshirt Banter

I refused to say it over the last few weeks, but after the last 2 games ruined our chances, I'm ready: we're not making the playoffs.

Let's face it. Vancouver has 7 games left, and our current odds on SportsClubStats have dropped right down to 0.3%. Even if we win out in regulation, we still have only a 12.6% chance of actually getting a wild card spot. We had a good run at fighting back over the last few weeks, but I'm ready to say it wasn't enough.

Now, just because were not making the playoffs, that doesn't mean we should tank it out. We are playing too many rivals to let them have all the bragging rights over us. Tonight's opponent, the Rangers, is included in this.

Let's give them hell. Coconuts go!