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Flames At Canucks Preview: Don't Ya Go Dyin' On Me

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"Let it all out"
"Let it all out"
Time Saturday, 7:00 PST
Season Series 3-0 Canucks
Last Meeting
3-2 Canucks, Jan.18/14
The Enemy Matchsticks And Gasoline Scoring Leaders D. Sedin: 13-27-40
Hudler: 14-30-44

25-31-7 SEASON RECORD 28-27-10
57 POINTS 66
Won 2
6-4-0 LAST 10 1-8-1
11-16-4 ROAD RECORD / HOME RECORD 15-10-6
0.74 (28) 5 ON 5 GF / GA DIFF. 0.90 (22)
14.2 (26) POWER PLAY % 14.0 (28)
81.4 (17) PENALTY KILL % 84.1 (6)
145 (29) GOALS SCORED 148 (26)

Why hello there Calgary! How's life in the League basement? We just wanna know because we are heading in that direction and want to know what the accommodations are like. Were we laughing at you for the past several years? We're sorry. We are really sorry. Life in the penthouse has been glorious and we hated peasants. But now we have lost all of our wealth and our estate. Forgive us? Please?

A 6-1 loss to Dallas was a whole new low to go on top of the 11 losses in the last 12 games. But there are still lower depths to sink. Like a loss to the damned Flames on Hockey Night In Canada to fuel HNIC's narrative for the evening. Do the Canucks look like they are even going to beat Calgary? Nope. They look so flat and mentally defeated right now that it seems any team can and will beat them. There is no chemistry. There is no camaraderie. There is no team speed or speedy plays or decisions from a team that is mentally beaten like this. Everything that doesn't look sloppy looks hesitant or forced. You hear they have over 30 shots on goal but cannot remember even 20.

The finger-pointing continues. I still point mine mostly at the players. Others blame John Tortorella's system taxing the players and killing the offence. I think both are fair accusations but the players should still take the brunt of it. So............


The Shitlist is not about plus-minus or giveaways. It's about points produced or, a lack there-of.

-Captain Henrik Sedin is at a loss for words and he should be. ZERO points in his last 11 games.

-Ryan Kesler: The guy that wants out has 2 goals and no assists in his last 8. I still like his play better than most of the others'.

-Alex Burrows: I give up. No goals this season, 1 assist in his last 9 games, 2 assists in his last 24 games.

-David Booth: 1 assist in his last 16 games. I give up on this guy too.

-Zack Kassian: 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 10 games, and a 3 game suspension for being stupid.

-Brad Richardson: 1 assist in his last 20 games. Is currently injured.

-Jordan Schroeder: 1 assist in his last 10. I want to see this guy be a sparkplug.

-Dan Hamhuis: 2 assists in his last 18 games. If I have to hear "Hamhuis shoots it wide" one more time.....FACK! I kitten gets it.

-Chris Tanev: 1 assist in his last 13 games.

-Yannick Weber: 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 20 overall. I've seen this guy play in Montreal. I do expect more from him.

-Daniel Sedin: Although injured now, he was a major part of the problem heading into his injury, with 1 assist and NO GOALS in his last 17 games. He had not scored a goal in 22 games. You can't put all that on John Tortorella. No effing way.

Guys like Higgins, Edler, Garrison, Bieksa have put up a few points lately so they get a pass. Higgins has been one of the best forwards all season.


Are there any? Well, if the Canucks can beat the Flames we could see a positive domino effect. Hell, anything is possible.

I really look forward to seeing Nicklas Jensen get some time up with the big club. Now is your chance, man! Go get it!

For those bitching about Gillis trading away both star goalies, can it. The fact that we have Eddie Lack and Jacob Markstrom and Joacim Eriksson and Joe Cannata in our system means we are well off. Goaltending has not been the problem this season and going with Lack as a starter was the right choice not only because he earned it with his play, but also because Roberto Luongo wanted out anyway. He wanted out many months ago, so kill the fucking Heritage Classic narrative. That was just icing on the lousy cake. While Vancouver is known as a goalie graveyard and rightfully so, we have not been this deep in that position ever.


Nah. Fuck Calgary. I don't want to know them. I just want the Canucks to beat them. End of story.

OK, fine, Matchsticks And Gasoline weighs in on Brian Burke's performance at the trade deadline. Hey at least we won't get Stempniaked on Saturday night. But we will get Monahaned.


Only canuck89 got a point last game for predicting Tyler Seguin to score the winner. Updated list can be seen here.


The last meeting between these 2 teams:

Oh right! That was the Tortorella meltdown game!

Haha Torts:

The title of this game preview post has been brought to you once again by Dumb And Dumber: