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Trade Deadline Day Threadapalooza

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Is this gonna be another NHL trade deadline where all the best trades happen the day before the deadline? Probably. Are the Canucks gonna trade Ryan Kesler? Maybe. Am I still asleep? Most likely.

Thank you, for being amazing.  Love ya, buddy!
Thank you, for being amazing. Love ya, buddy!
Bruce Bennett

While there were a number of trades yesterday, the Canucks blew the freakin' doors off the place with the Roberto Luongo deal to Florida. We've been covering that one since it broke, so we'll let you go back to that thread if you didn't get a chance to read our reactions. There's also our post-game thread, which goes over another frustrating loss to a divisional opponent as they fell 1-0 to Phoenix last night.

So, Canucks fans... you've had a night to sleep on it. How are you feeling about what went down yesterday? Angry? Happy? Indifferent? While I still believe that Gillis & Co are not long for this world, barring a home run tradewise today, and that Torts is gone at the end of the year, we need to keep in mind that the impact of this trade won't be known for some time.

So... here's the rules as to how this is gonna work today:

1- If you're posting trade calls, use the twitter embed code. We all want accuracy so make sure we can check that it's not coming from a fake account.

2- If you're speculating on something, make it clear that's what you're doing. Don't troll. We're nice, but we have limits.

3- Be respectful. Yesterday was an emotional for all of us, and some are still gonna be on edge. If you're here to cause grief, it will be dealt with accordingly. Save the personal attacks for family dinners.

We'll be doing our best to fill you in on any trades that impact the Canucks, and tell you about any new additions to the roster. The main thing to remember is to have some fun with this. Trade Deadline is one of the days we look forward to as hockey fans. And while we certainly haven't had much to be happy about of late, we might get a better idea of where they Canucks are headed when the smoke clears.