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Fight For Your Right To Party - Canucks @ Avalanche Gamethread

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Canucks visit the Avalanche.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

6:00pm PDT, Sportsnet Pacific

Enemy territory: Mile High Hockey

So, after last night's game, SportsClubStats has a 2.5% boost to our luck, putting us at 4.4% this morning. What's even better is the potential for tonight's game: beating Colorado in regulation should see a boost of 3.8%. That's exciting!

Tonight's opponent is no pushover, though. The Avalanche are having a great season in their new division, and are pretty much 1 point away from locking up their playoff spot. Also, with Minny so far behind in the wildcard spot, Colorado currently has a 98% chance of playing Chicago in the 1st round.

We all have to fight for our right to party. Coconuts go!