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Canucks Brunch- What Are You Trying To Say? I'm Crazy?

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I'd love to be able to say we've hit peak insanity in Canuckville, but it seems like they keep upping the crazy like that kid you knew in Grade 3 who could be dared to eat anything.


I feel like I am in serious danger of venturing into IDGAF territory for this team right now.  No, it's not a 'That's it, I can't be a Canucks fan anymore, it's too much" thing.  I have about as much respect for anyone that's done that as I do Brad Marchand.  No it's more of a "I really can't take the consistent lunacy and willingness of management and coaching staff to do the polar opposite of what clearly needs to be done with this team" thing.  From letting the Sedins and Alex Burrows continue to garner top line minutes without scoring a goal for 2 BLOODY MONTHS, to once again disrespecting Roberto Luongo yet again, it seems like the focus of this team, top to bottom, is everywhere except where it needs to be.

To say I am disheartened to see Eddie Lack getting the start today over Lu is an understatement.  This should not have anything to do with 'hot hands'.  Yes, the Canucks need the two points, but it's not like it's a divisional rival here.  This game is as much about the spectacle as anything else.  And John Tortorella has decided that a rookie gets the start over the face of the franchise.  This is not a knock on Lack.  He's been full value this year, and really looks like he is the goaltender they thought they would get when they signed him.  But to suggest he's been so much better than Luongo that he's taken over the #1 position?  Garbage.

I have to hand it to Torts.  You had me fooled, buddy.  I had extreme reservations about you coming over here, but you said and did all the right things.  And after December, the Canucks appeared to be running smoothly; very much in the mix in the West, and apart from the embarrassingly bad power play, looking like a team that could be a threat.  Since then, we've been fed a stream of crap, from the disinterested play on the ice, to the seeming unwillingness by Torts to actually address the issues.  The guy who sat Brad Richards in the playoffs seems to not give a damn about the Sedins and Burrows' play right now, and has instead chosen to make Luongo his whipping boy.

Then there's Ryan Kesler.  This could very well be the last game we see Kes in the lineup for the Canucks.  I feel they'll get a deal done, and that's a good thing.  If he doesn't wanna be here, get him out.  This team's been hobbled for too long by players pining for greener pastures.  What I am not confident of is GM Mike Gillis' ability to not just get fair value for Kesler, but to make a deal that actually helps this team.  The lack of depth at C has been a sore spot all season long.  Going into the year, they felt they needed to get better in the bottom 6.  Brad Richardson and the rotating door 4th line have done pretty much what was expected of them.  So when I hear that Pittsburgh's offering a 3rd line C (along with a D prospect and draft pick) for Kes, I am torn between the disrespect by the Pens in thinking they can pull off another theft like the one they did with Dallas to get James Neal, and the feeling of dread that Gilly's gonna bite on this.

Also, I would love to see Roberto Luongo shipped out on Wednesday.  Yes, you read that right.  I love the guy.  Best goaltender this franchise has ever seen.  We've been blessed to have him.  And now, this team no longer deserves to have him.  Set him free, send him somewhere where he will get the respect he deserves, and let the management of this team bear the brunt of their insanity.  I have come to terms with the fact there will continue to be changes made to get this team back on track, but unless Gillis pulls off some type of miracle at the deadline, the change will need to start in the GM's box.


Hate that I missed a chance to see these guys in Vancouver a few months ago.  Here's the song that introduced them to the world...