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Senators At Canucks Preview: Kick Some Ass

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It's time...
It's time...
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor
Time Sunday 1:00 PST
Season Series 1-0 Canucks
Last Meeting
5-2 Canucks Nov.28/13
The Enemy Silver Seven coring Leaders D. Sedin: 13-27-40
Karlsson: 15-40-55

26-23-11 SEASON RECORD 28-24-10
63 POINTS 66
Lost 2
4-4-2 LAST 10 2-7-1
13-11-6 ROAD RECORD / HOME RECORD 15-9-6
0.94 (20) 5 ON 5 GF / GA DIFF. 0.95 (19)
18.7 (15) POWERPLAY % 13.6 (28)
80.8 (23) PENALTY KILL % 84.7 (5)

Is this the first time 2 non-playoff teams (at the moment) have faced off in an Outdoor Classic event? I think so. That shouldn't kill the entertainment value though. But tickets are still available on the eve of the event! Shit, just give the rest of them away, especially to these guys.  They have to fill all the seats anyway I've heard. I just think that 3 years ago this event would have been sold out already. OR, if it wasn't the Senators coming to town. Hey, I get the ancient history angle the NHL is trying to pitch for this, but many of us said all along that nobody really cares about that. The opposing team should have been a division rival, especially the Flames and Oilers, because, well we hate them and the fans of those teams would make the trek to BC to watch this.

Anyway, I will still find this entertaining. I do love the retro 1994 Canucks action going on because 1994 was magical.

I love those guys.

Jason Botchford has an excellent interview with Greg Adams here. Remember kids, if you want a run at the Stanley Cup you need a locker full of guys that give a shit about each other and will go to war for each other.

Thanks to's Derek Jory for providing some numbers prior to this game, like:

-the Canucks have won 6 straight games against the Senators.

-18 players and personnel from the 1994 Canucks team will be attending this Classic.

Another great thing about this outdoor game is that it's all about winning for these 2 teams. The Senators are 5 points out of a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The Canucks are tied with 8th place Dallas in the West but don't meet the tie-breaker criteria. Both teams really need a win here.


Eddie Lack gets the start in this one. Some might say that John Tortorella is riding the hot hand, as the Canucks have achieved 3 points of a possible 4 in the 2 games after the Olympics. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTT.......Eddie Lack did not steal the game against Minnesota did he? Luongo is the starting goalie right? Then why the fuck deny him of this experience when a) Lack is young and will get plenty more chances at an outdoor game and b) you give your #1 guy the privilege to experience this because he is a fully capable individual of getting the job done and has proven so for several years on your god damned team.

I really hate this decision by the coaching staff, unless a Luongo trade is in the works and they are protecting him from getting injured. I doubt that though, given Luongo's comments today:

"I've always wanted to play in an outdoor game. I was excited when I saw we got one this year....I was looking forward to it."

Anyway...let's just hope the Canucks get another win. That is the most important thing.


What the hell? The rumors and reports of possible trades will not go away. (DUH!!!)

Cool. Keep the rumors coming. Kesler scored last game. Maybe we need some trade rumors about the 3 guys I crucified yesterday: Dank, Hank and Bank. Get your shit together! Some might say that other Canucks players are not contributing either, BUT those 3 are paid the most and have been mired in bigger slumps lately then the others. Seriously, here is a big stage to perform on. Lead your damned team, Sedins and Burrows.

But but but but...

So cute! Fuck it. If he wants out, get him out of here. If he wants to stay..WOOOO!


"I thought immediately: Sunday football. Out here, seeing the stadium and how many seats there and how much it holds, how grand the whole experience and facility is, it’s definitely an eye-opener, an eye-catcher."

-Craig Anderson, who will start for the Sens.


Nope. Not until after this game. Sorry.


The last time these 2 teams met:


Get to know the Millionaire's history:

Canucks players talk Heritage Classic after practice on Saturday:

What? The Sens have not won a game in Vancouver since 2004?! Nice!

The title of this game preview has been brought to you once again by Motley Crue: