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Kesler Out A Couple Of Weeks


John Tortorella said today (Friday) that Kesler has a sprained knee and is out at least a couple of weeks.


The moments leading up to the Ryan Kesler / Jim Slater moment were so feel-good for Canucks fans. Alexandre Burrows had scored his first goal of the season, everyone was smiling, and then this:

How unfortunate. Looks like a complete accidental play there.

Kesler is heading back to Vancouver to get an MRI on his leg. John Tortorella said:

"He's going to get some imaging, and we'll have a better indication of where he's at, but he's out for a while."

Slater's take on the incident:

"I thought I had him lined up; he kind of bailed there at the last second there," Slater said. "I didn't stick my knee out or anything in his path, wasn't leading with my leg. I thought I actually took the worst of it. Obviously, if he's hurt bad, I feel bad about that. It wasn't any intent. I thought I had him lined up, and at the last second, he tried to jump out of the way."

Kesler is reportedly done for the road trip, which ends on Monday night. The Canucks play the Capitals, Panthers and Lightning in that span. Hell, an MRI could put KesLord out for the rest of the season. You hope it's not a serious MCL or ACL injury.

The leader in the NHL in  time on ice for forwards, and he's up there in shot blocking and has been the heart and soul of the team this season.....this hurts a chance for the Canucks to get on a proper roll after the win in Winterpeg.

Like we needed that. Let's see how the team responds NOW.

If it's season-ending, is this the last time we saw Kesler in a Canucks uni? Sobering thought. Just to give you a heads up on what was the Kesler situation at the trade deadline: rumors were that he had said in Sochi that he wanted out of Vancouver, which caused a shitstorm on Deadline Day. Elliotte Friedman's take on the whole matter:

1. Canuck rumour I: That the Aquilini family forced Tortorella on Gillis. Verdict: Skeptical. The choice came down to Tortorella or John Stevens, whose name you are going to hear a lot for any openings this summer. I believe there was an agreement to go with the more experienced candidate.

2. Canuck rumour II: That ownership blocked Gillis from trading Ryan Kesler at the deadline. Verdict: Don't believe it. As mentioned above, Aquilini was well aware of the GM's plans. It would not be the least bit surprising if an interested team or two told Vancouver it could be involved at the draft, but not now, for cap reasons. Also, when Kesler said no to Columbus, the Rangers and Philadelphia, the Canucks may have pulled back because they didn't like the situation.

3. It is believed the six teams to which Kesler would accept a deal at the deadline were Anaheim, Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. Only two -- the Ducks and Penguins -- were really in it, though.

Thanks to Travis Hughes at Broad Street Hockey for the heads up in his post here, and check out the rest of Friedman's article here.