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Canucks At Jets Preview: Need A Little Patience

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Time Wednesday, 4:30 PST
Season Series 1-1
Last Meeting
4-3 Jets, Jan. 31/14
The Enemy Arctic Ice Hockey Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 10-31-41
Little: 20-32-52

No, I don't mean Canucks fans need a little patience because this team is going to make the playoffs, even though it's a minute possibility at this point (Stars won on Tuesday night, Canucks are 6 points out now). What I am getting at is a lot of things, actually, starting with this:

Burrows - H. Sedin - Jensen

Higgins - Kesler - Hansen

Sestito - Matthias - Booth

Archibald - Schroeder - Dalpe

Those were the Canucks' lines at the start of last game against the Islanders. If you honestly look at that forward corps and expect the team to win at a wicked pace...I just don't get it. It's a roster full of slumping vets and inexperienced kids. Sure, it's John Tortorella's job to create a system that works and get these guys to buy into it. For the first 2 periods of the Islanders game we saw the system work and I was pleasantly surprised. Then the idiocy and fragility took over once again for the hockey world to see. So, Torts and even Kevin Bieksa had a meeting with the team after practice on Tuesday to talk about "not giving up" and sticking together.

A coach can only do so much. Some bitch about Tort's style being boring...well I again direct you to the roster above. He HAS to teach and preach defence, defence, defence with that group. He has to teach and preach a lot of things with this squad. Are they tuning him out? Not really. A 3rd period collapse is not necessarily a tuning out issue. They took a bunch of stupid penalties and Eddie Lack needed to stop a couple of those shots.

This is now a personnel issue more than a coach issue. But then again, I have been saying that for months. Sure, Torts gets some of the blame because ultimately it does fall on him, and Torts admits it:

Hey, AV would never say that stuff. I admire Torts for being honest. I also admire him for sticking to his guns moving forward. He knows this group is fragile. He's been saying it for a long time now. He's been trying many different ways to get them out of it. What gets them out of it? Wins. Closing out games. Confidence. It's something that has generally been lacking with the core players and leaders of this team since 2011. At other times they look like they get it (December) and are gonna make the playoffs. But then it's gone again. The injuries really don't help. It's a confidence boost to have all your stars / regulars on board...and SCORING. SCORING I F***ING SAID. The coach doesn't make players shoot wide or into blocks, by the way. So don't go blaming the system entirely.

Let me once again direct you to the forwards:

Burrows - H. Sedin - Jensen

Higgins - Kesler - Hansen

Sestito - Matthias - Booth

Archibald - Schroeder - Dalpe

What are your realistic expectations of THAT group? Hansen is not a top 6. Jensen is a kid. His current line mates suck and have no excuses for sucking. Sestito on the 3rd line with a new guy who needs to adapt here (Matthias) and another guy who I hope you have all given up on: David Booth. The 4th line is a bunch of kids again.

I think a little bit of patience and less shit-slinging is in order here. I know, we've had it good for the past several years but dear Lord, look at that current roster....Reduce your expectations a little in general.....but keep them up there for guys like Sedins, Burrows, Kesler....and the experienced defencemen, who I don't even wanna talk about right now.

Lots of fingers pointing at Torts and Gillis, but the core guys that were kept on here and signed to nice contracts really need to step it up and show the kids the way. We started seeing it against the Isles (holy shit Hank scored a goal!) Let's see if the boys can erase the embarrassment and kick some Jets ass. A feel-good win is in order.


-The Jets have lost 4 in a row.

-The Jets are 5-2-1 in their last 8 home games.

-Dustin Byfuglien, our hero, scored 2 goals in about 2 minutes last game but the Jets lost 3-2 to the Avalanche in OT.

-The Jets talk music. Pretty funny clip actually.

-Remember, Paul Maurice is the Jets' coach. You know, speaking of teams that play defence and all that.


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