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Strombo New Face Of HNIC, GM Meeting Update and More

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Photo credit: Evan Mitsui/CBC

You knew personnel changes were going to happen when Rogers acquired Canadian broadcasting rights. Today those changes were revealed. Starting next season, when Hockey Night In Canada comes on the air it's not Ron MacLean's face you will see first. It will be George Stroumboulopoulus. He is the new main host of HNIC. Ron MacLean will be hosting to a lesser degree. Other hosts include those from Sportsnet fame: Jeff Marek and Darren Millard. Don Cherry and MacLean will still do Coach's Corner on all platforms because, whether you like it or not, it's a Canadian legend of a segment and it does kick ass.

Sportsnet President Scott Moore introduced the new panel today, one member at a time. Ron MacLean told Stroumboulopoulus:

"Don’t screw this up, it’s a big show."

Wasn't that about 30 years of Ron running the show? Wow. He showed extreme professionalism in what must have been an awkward event for him.

It was an interesting event that aired live. Here it is:

Love how Cherry gives it to his boss like that. Classic. As you heard, Ron MacLean has other gigs on his plate, like writing books, and hosting Hosckey Day In Canada, Hometown Hockey Community Celebration on Sundays.

You can read about what all happened at the proceedings here.


The NHL GMs met in Florida, and if you wanted sweeping changes to the game to happen you probably won't get your wish. 3 on 3 in overtime after 5:00 of 4 on 4? Not likely. It seems not enough GM's can agree on it. TSN has the details.

Speaking of details,


Was it wise of the Canucks to not trade Kesler at the deadline? Lyle Richardson, a guy who I respect and have followed for several years now, weighs in on the Canucks/Kesler matter and it's well worth the read as it covers all the angles on why a deal did not go down. There's a lot more to the story, in defence of Mike Gillis, like:

Like Luongo, Kesler’s no-trade clause significantly limits where Gillis can send him, as well as the quality of the offers. If Kesler has only six preferred destinations, and half remain uninterested or unwilling to meet Gillis’ asking price, the task of moving him becomes more difficult. Rather than repeat his blunder with Luongo, however, Gillis could be willing to bend for a decent return.

Check it out.

Speaking of "Legends",

-Brett Hull has a story about a young Sean Avery in Detroit. (The Hockey News)

Legends...this guy is one:

Damned kiss cams. Nice move, buddy!