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The Sedins-Burrows Futility Has Gone On Long Enough

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Crucify them! Crucify them!
Crucify them! Crucify them!

One of the biggest cliches in team sports is: your best players have to be your best players. That is completely the case with the Canucks right now and over the past several games. I applaud the 1-0-1 start after the Olympics. The boys are playing much better defensively. But they still are not scoring enough goals. 6 goals scored in their last 6 games. 13 goals scored in their last 9 games. So much attention (including from me) has been given to the Ryan Kesler trade situation but let's divert from that. Would it be nice if the Canucks could acquire another top 6 forward? YES. But that desire is amplified when the biggest problem is that the Canucks' former top line of the Sedins and Burrows has become obsolete. I remember a time when that trio was a force to be reckoned with. Where did that force go?

Well, again it becomes a complicated mess off all 3 guys struggling like we have not seen them struggle in a long time. So, in "shitlist" fashion here is the futility of the big 3 sans Ryan Kesler.

-Henrik Sedin has zero goals and 1 assist in his last 10 games. No points in his last 8.

-Daniel Sedin has not scored since December 30. He has no goals and 5 assists in 21 games since then.

-Alex Burrows, a guy we once dubbed "Mr. Everything", has zero goals and 5 assists in 30 games this season. Yea yea yea he has been injured several times, but the futility is now unacceptable.

These 3 amigos account for $16.7 million of the Canucks' spending this season.

If my addition is correct, the Canucks are 18-6-7 this season when Henrik Sedin registers at least 1 point.

They are 18-6-5 when Dank registers at least a point.

So often we talk about the Sedins getting shut down and need a supporting cast. Well....the supporting cast is showing up lately, so how about the damned Twins and Burrows show up now to give the supporting cast some support?

The Sedins are 33 years old. Burrows is 32. I am not buying into this aging core thing as much as some are. This futility will not continue for long. By god, when you watch this trio play you wonder sometimes...... but the bottom line in Vancouver is not what Mike Gillis has or has not done. It's what the Sedins and Burrows have NOT done. True story.

I'm just airing my grievances before the "big" Outdoor Classic on Sunday, which I am not overly stoked about. Maybe on that big stage the aforementioned trio can get their shit together. Tick tock motherfu**ers.