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Next Up: Yann Sauve In As Weber Goes Home With Injury

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The Canucks have called up 2008 2nd round pick Yann Sauve, as Yannick Weber was injured last game against the Jets. Of course, the team is not disclosing the nature of the injury, except that he returned to Vancouver. The 23-year-old Sauve has only played 5 games for the Canucks. He is a bigger guy, listed as 6'3", 220 pounds. Here are his career stats:

I wouldn't let that -16 scare you, at least, I would assume it's so bad because the Utica Comets are not a super team in their first season.

No word on where Andrew Alberts is at with his concussion. Kevin Bieksa is said to be out until after the Olympic Break. Henrik Sedin's return draws nigh. Chris Tanev will be out for a while with a broken thumb. Tom Sestito is questionable for Monday's game due to illness. The Canucks may have the biggest injury list in the NHL right now (7) along with the Pittsburgh Penguins.



Welcome back to the bigs, Yann. Rattle some skulls! Make this count!