Superbowl weekend/off-topic thread...remember when we had these quite often?

Jamie Squire either. The first part of the title is easy enough...12TH MAN BABY! But either way I won't be mad...either the Hawks get their first, or Pey Pey gets his second. Should be a good game regardless.

Quite a bit of hockey action so far today...those Broons handled those "up and coming" Oilers (how many years is that phrase going to be used?) easily 4-0. Chad Johnson with his second career shutout. Ben Bishop punches Brandon Prust, gets heckled in French, the Bolts gets two goals from Nate Thompson and win 2-1. And holy fuck the Avs are young, fast, and feasted on the lowly Sabres today. Poor Ryan'll be better in the Olympics, buddy. Can't get any worse...


So what games, if any, is everyone going to be watching later? And who ya got for the Big Game tomorrow? Predictions and thoughts welcome, and much needed


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