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Canucks At Leafs Preview: Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Time Saturday 4:00 PM PST
Season Series 0-0
Last Meeting
3-1 Leafs, Feb. 8/14
The Enemy Pension Plan Puppets
Scoring Leaders H/D Sedin: 6-18-24
Kessel: 13-14-27

18-7-1 SEASON RECORD 13-9-3
37 Points 29
2nd Conference Position 6th
Won 2
Streak Lost 1
3.08 (6)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
3.36 (2)
2.62 (15)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
3.04 (23)
20.7 (12) Power Play % 21.3 (10)
84.9 (7) Penalty Kill % 82.8 (11)
48.8 (20) Faceoff Win % 51.6 (8)
10.1 (15) PIM / GP 9.4 (8)
WHO Corsi For % F*CKING


It's the most wonderful time of the year! No no no. Not Xmas! Forget that bullshit capitalist propaganda! Are you one of those people that get irritated when the Xmas commercials and songs start popping up on tv and radio and online? Ever realize that you don't even like those stupid Xmas songs that people wait and wait and wait to sing this shit for one month of the year? OK, there are a few Xmas songs that are ok but.....I find myself getting annoyed at it all. It's my age. I can now sift through bullshit faster than I used to. The hardest part of this time of year for me is getting past my Grinchy POV's and making it exciting for my kids, because beyond full grown adults wishing each other "Merry Christmas" when every other day of the year they wouldn't say jack shit to each other.....nothing beats the joyous look in a (my) childrens' faces when they open their presents and see the lump of coal inside the carefully - wrapped box.

I will not trick my kids with the Santa Clause story. That's like making them go to church. Fuck you Santa. You didn't spend your hard-earned money to buy my kids those gifts. I DID. So you get no credit. So go sit on an icicle and rotate... or something.

Aside from time at Xmas is gold. Hope you enjoy yours! Just don't put yourself in debt.

Oh right, I've strayed far from the main point I wanted to get across.....

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Not you, Xmas! Take a back seat! One of my fave times of the year is when the Canucks play the Leafs on Hockey Night In Canada. Hell to the yes! Screw the Habs. The Sens. The Albertan shite teams. Chicago. LA. What is it about Canucks-Leafs games that really gets people off?


-Toronto is, and always will be the center of the hockey universe until Gary Bettman bombs it. This is our game damn it, and Toronto, being mostly an english-speaking city with a rich, rich culture of hockey, being an original 6 team and all that, has won the second-most Stanley Cups in NHL history. Montreal leads the way with 23 Cups (to Toronto's 17)'s QUEBEC. Once you shake off your politically corrected-ness, you will see clearly that Montreal does not garner the same respect in hockey nor have the same amount of attention paid to as Toronto does. Deep down, most Canadians dislike Quebec and its inhabitants because they are not like us (plus, separatism...yadda yadda). Hey, I defend Quebec with vigor. I've been there for 2 weeks, once, and talked to the people about this very thing. They find us westerners ignorant (in general), but they are also an awesome bunch of people. I went to a Habs - Sabres game live in 1999 (?) and my god I felt like I was in a religious establishment. No, not because it was quiet as a Vancouver library, but because those fans are so passionate ( and all the Cup banners and pics of legends didn't help).

I swear, those fans turned on Patrice Brisebois and the team and then loved him/them so many times in that one game....blew my mind. It's no different in Toronto I would assume. Passion. More than Canucks fans at the deep level. Rich culture and history will do that. And the noise levels....beautiful.Nothing like I have experienced at live Canucks games. Not even close.

-Anyway, Montreal is the greatest hockey organization ever. Toronto is 2nd. And speaking of second....


The ever-ongoing arguments about Stanley Cups won between Canucks and Leafs fans is silly. The Canucks obviously getting to the Cup Finals 3 times now since their inception into the NHL and the Leafs not having been their once in that time....once again...BLAH BLAH BLAH. The argument is invalid. If you don't win it all, you finish second. Who cares about 2nd place?

The closest the Leafs came to a Cup Final was this:

I watched that game at a buddy's house, with my Dougie Gilmour jersey on. I couldn't believe that Gretzky, my childhood hero killed my team. My heart was destroyed. So we watched The Exorcist after that. Not cool. That was just adding one bad onto another.

I knew how good LA was that season. What I refused to believe was that the Canucks could beat the Leafs in the semi-finals of the 1994 playoffs:

One year later and my heart was ripped out again. I liked the Canucks then too...but....geez the Canucks killed that super Leafs team in 5 fucking games??? Unreal. But they lost the next series in a super close series against the Rangers. Again...sloppy seconds. The Canucks constantly celebrate the 1982 and 1984 Cup Finals runs but it still stings doesn't it? Yea, that's because sloppy seconds and all that.

Yet the mainstream media continually jerks off the Leafs, eh? The majority of the MSM are Leafs fans. It is what it is. Please, for the love of god stop caring about that. Any further attention paid to the Canucks by the MSM is not gonna happen. If they win a Cup then....nah it isn't going to change. So embrace the lack of being the center of attention. Who really likes that shit anyway? Oh right, almost everybody.


If you are not from Ontario, how many Ontarian expats have you met that love the Leafs? I have met so many. Strangely, all of them blame goaltending for the Leafs' struggles in the past decades when clearly they have not had good fucking defence! Assholes! You had Curtis Joseph and Eddie Belfour in net and you pull this shit:


If you were born in 1967 you are currently about 47 years old. If you were old enough to remember experiencing that the Leafs won the Cup that year, you are grandpa status. Why do I bring this up? Because the bottom line is that Canucks and Leafs fans alike share a horrible...god damned horrible similar experience. Our teams have come close but have nothing to show for it for the last 47 years. 47 years! How depressing is that?

I will and can embrace the Leafs' deep history though. It's pretty solid up to 1967. Love the original 6 stories.


Dougie. Wayne Gretzky and Doug Gilmour are my top 2 fave players of all time. Well, top 2 forwards, anyway. Doug Gilmour about a guy with heart. He was Mr. Everything for the Leafs. He was just like Trevor Linden, except had twice the talent. At least he won a Cup with the (AGH) Flames in 1989 so he had some consolation for all his hard work. Not in Toronto though. Lots of love but no final prize there. Sounds familiar, hey?


Finishes third on my top fave NHL forwards list. Sundin took the torch from Gilmour to captain the Leafs from 1997-2008. Mats assisted on Gilmour's 1000th point.

I do believe that one of my biggest get-offs in hockey was when Mats signed with the Canucks as a free agent. Sure, he was a shell of is former self, but he did teach Ryan Kesler a lot of "leadership qualities" (cough puke cough).

Good times!


The last Leafs/Canucks game:

Hell froze over. The Leafs had lost 11 straight games to the Canucks at that point.

Sundin kills his old team:

Classic backhand hey? Kinda like Gilmour!

Yeah, you wanna watch Leafs fans' hearts break more, right?

But if you want a current Leafs memory to laugh at:

Choke Job 1000

Yah. This game should be a beauty! Always is!