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Canucks Stats 33 Games Into The Season

33 games in, with a 20-11-2 record and 42 points you'd think the Canucks would be sitting pretty in the Western Conference standings, right?

Vrbata...nice one, Jim Benning
Vrbata...nice one, Jim Benning
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

33 games in, with a 22-11-2 record and 42 points you'd think the Canucks would be sitting pretty in the Western Conference standings, right? Nope:

Western Conference Standings December 26 2014

What a dog fight. Minnesota, what in the hell are you doing way down there? Huh. the floodgates, spend some money on free agents and look what happens.

Let's take a look at, what I like to call, Redneck Stats. Meaning: non-advanced stats. It's not that I'm against advanced stats. I'm just against advanced stats. Kidding.


  • Goals Per Games-Played Average: 2.94 (6th in the NHL)
  • Goals-Against Per Games Played Average: 2.73 (20th)
  • 5 on 5 Goals For / Against Ratio: 0.91 (22nd)
  • Power Play Efficiency: 19.4% (13th)
  • Home PP %: 23.5% (11th)
  • Road PP %: 15.8% (15th)
  • Penalty Kill Efficiency: 86.4% (5th)
  • Home PK %: 85.4% (10th)
  • Road PK %: 87.0% (4th) Impressive.
  • Shots Per Games-Played: 31.5 (8th)
  • Shots-Against Per Games-Played: 28.8 (13)
  • Winning Percentage When Scoring First: 82.4% (5th)
  • Faceoff Winning Percentage: 48.6% (21st)
  • Goals-For In Da First Period: 21 (24th)
  • Goals-For In The Second Period: 39 (4th)
  • Goals-For In The Third Period: 34 (9th)
  • Goals-Against In The First Period: 25 (17th)
  • In The Second Period: 25 (3rd-most)
  • In The Third Period: 23 (26th) That's a good thing.
  • 1-Goal Game Winning Percentage: 81.8% (2nd). Yea baby!
  • Minor Penalties Taken: 122 (11th)
  • Total PIM's: 348 (14th)
  • The Canucks are tied with Tampa for the most bench minor penalty minutes.
  • Home +/-: -2 (23rd)
  • Road +/-: +3 (8th)
  • Hits: 643 (27th). Not a Don Cherry kinda team.
  • Blocked Shots: 499 (13th). It's true. If you're blocking a lot of shots in means you don't have as much offensive zone puck control, mostly. But not always the case when you look at the top 10 teams in shot-blocking. Anaheim....for real. Montreal...yea.
  • Missed Shots: 352 (24th). That isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  • Giveaways: 258 (21st)
  • Takeaways: 203 (19th)
  • The Canucks are 2-1 in shootouts this season. They have a piddly 2 goals on 7 shootout attempts so....good thing they don't go to the shootout often.


  • Goals: Vrbata: 13, Dank, Bonino, Richardson, Burrows, Hansen: 8, Matthias: 7
  • Assists: Hank: 23, Dank: 22, Bonino: 13
  • Points: Dank: 30 (ranks him 23rd-ish in the NHL), Hank: 29, Vrbata: 25
  • Plus/Minus: Hank: +6, Higgins, Tanev: +5, Dank, Bonino, Edler and Stanton: +4.
  • Worst Plus/Minus: Sbisa: -7, Hamhuis, Kassian, Matthias, Richardson: -5, Bieksa: -3
  • Power Play Goals: Vrbata: 6, Vey: 4, Dank and Edler: 3
  • Power Play Points: Dank and Vrbata: 12, Hank: 11, Vey and Edler: 5
  • Short-Handed Goals:  Dorsett: 2, Richardson and Hansen: 1
  • Game-Winning Goals: Dank and Bonino: 3, Vrbata: 2, and 10 players with 1.
  • Shots Shots Shots: Vrbata: 116, Edler: 92, Dank: 81
  • Shooting Percentage (hate this stat): Vey: 20.0%, Hank: 17.1%, Hansen: 17%
  • Average Time On Ice (Defence): Edler: 24:10, Bieksa: 21:28, Tanev: 20:45
  • Average Time On Ice Forwards: Dank: 19:06, Hank: 19:02, Vrbata: 17:22
  • Faceoff Winning % (the main centers): Horvat: 55.7%, Hank: 50.4%, Richardson: 48.1%
  • Hits: Dorsett: 77, Sbisa: 57, Bieksa: 52
  • Blocked Shots: Tanev The Manev: 82, Edler: 66, Bieksa: 59. Bonino has blocked 33 shots, which is the most from the forwards. Had to throw Bonino's name in here at some point because...well...he's cold as ice.
  • Giveaways: Bieksa: 34, Edler: 25, Tanev: 24. How the hell is Sbisa not top 3? Oh right, because he doesn't get as many minutes.
  • Takeaways: Bonino: 24, Matthias: 16, Hansen and Higgins: 15

I am so, so, so sick and tired of tv and other analysts judging goaltenders by their goals against average and save percentage. They are the most abused stats likely in any sport in the position that is likely the most difficult position to play in sports. Out of any hockey stat category there are not-enough good really indicative stats for goaltenders. Few are monitoring prime-central scoring opportunities against these goalies. Goaltender stats, far-more often than not, are TEAM STATS. If your team is giving up a lot of breakaways and odd-man rushes against or supremo goal-scoring chances against because they can't play good team defence....well, there are huge odds that your goaltenders' numbers will suffer because of it. That IS the case in Vancouver. I'm not completely letting the goalies off the hook here. I'm just saying that these following stats are probably the most subjective.

Games Started: Miller: 25, Lack: 11

Records: Miller: 18-7-0, Lack: 2-4-2

Shutouts: Miller: 3, Lack: 1

Goals-Against Average: Miller and Lack: 2.59

Save Percentage: Lack: .916, Miller: .906

Save Percentage When Killing A Penalty: Lack: .891, Miller: .870

Short Handed Goals Against: Miller: 1, Lack: 0

Miller has played in 4 games and Lack 3 games that have gone to OT. Lack has faced 13 OT shots to Miller's 1. Lack as only let in 1 OT goal and Miller none. Perspective.


  • Hank Sedin: 3 assists in his last 2 games. And peeps thought he was old and washed up. For the hell of it though, the Canucks are 4-7-0 when Hank registers no points.
  • Dank Sedin: 1 goal and 3 assists in his last 2 games. And peeps thought he was washed up too. The Canucks are 7-7-0 when Dank fails to score a point.
  • Vrbata has 2 points in his last 2 games. The Canucks are 5-7-0 when Vrbatatatatatat does not score a point.
  • Alex Burrows: 2 goals and 1 assist in his last 2 games. Does he have a 20-goal season left in him? Answer: YES, if you put him on the top PP unit.
  • Chris Higgins. Scored last game, but that was his first point in 10 games. He's uber-streaky like that. I hope you know that by now.
  • Nick Bonino. 1 assist last game, 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 10 games. Bones...Boninophone, Boner...whatever...get your shit together.
  • Alex Edler: 2 assists in his last 13 games. He will never be a Norris candidate.
  • Luca Sbisa: 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 17 games. Sorry GM Jim, but you project this guy to be a top 4???


The Canucks' D, in the team's current 2-game winning streak,  has a collective 3 goals and 2 assists. Yes, you need points from the point dudes. The D, seemingly much-like the forwards, has to produce that secondary or tertiary production. They'll have to share the load throughout as I don't see any more big point producers on the blue line. This Canucks team does have depth to score when the Sedins and Vrbata get checked to hell. They just have to be rolling at the right time. (Caman, Bonino!)  When the Canucks were losing 5 straight, nobody but Jannik Hansen was stepping up. That kind of thang happens over the course of a season, but won't fly in a playoff run, obviously.

Hope you enjoyed the redneck stat paradise. This post has been brought to you by Santana:

....because we sacrifice our souls for this team to win it all.