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OT Thread: Merry Christmas Ya Punks!


I just worked a night shift, plowing roads, sanding them...making sure people get home (or wherever they are going) safely, and getting paid for it. It's fun saving people not only from the elements of nature, but from themselves. On top of that, the appreciation from the honk of a horn or flashing of lights make it worth it.

Anyway, I was feeling like a grinch again this Xmas before I started my shift. It's a depression thang. Crazy kids drive me nuts sometimes. My immediate family is nowhere near here and I miss them. But as the night went on and I was driving and plowing by all the Xmas-lit houses and seeing families being together inside, and listening to choir and orchestral Xmas music on CBC radio. Suddenly, I had, what some people call, a moment of clarity, or whatever. It was kind of like this:

Yea, kind of like that. Soon, I found myself singing to the carols I normally hate, as I drove along those back roads covered in snow. Happiness at last! What? Why the hell am I getting all Christmassy? Stupid time of the year when people blow far too much money on their loved ones...capitalist bull shit.... Screw it!.....Who cares?! I'm happy dammit! And that's all that matters. When I wake up tomorrow, I'm gonna.....well....I married a Russian wife so, Russian Orthodox peeps don't give a rat shit about December 25. They do things a little bit later, like New Year's Eve and beyond. Fine by me! Presents are cheaper on Boxing Day and beyond anyway. Weee!


How are the Holidays going with you peeps? Having fun? Get any good presents? Fun times with the family? Family feuds? Maybe both? Do tell!


Hey, I'm not gonna speak for anybody else but myself with what I am about to say. I really appreciate all of the community members of Nucks Misconduct, past and present, lurkers and commenters alike. ALL of you. You see, through good and bad times every single member plays a role in this journey of ours. Hell, I joined NM in 2009 after doing my own thang since 2006, I think. I just want to take a moment to thank the people that inspired me to "blog" in the first place and IMO are pioneers to Canucks blogging.

Temujin (West Coast Chaos). A best friend at true inspiration.

Alanah McGinley (Canucks And Beyond AND Canucks Op Ed AND Stick In Rink.) She rules.

J.J. Guerrero at Canucks Hockey Blog

Miss 604. I swear, nobody blogs better than Rebecca Bollwitt. Her husband John is a cool cat too, and also a pioneer.

Yankee Canuck. He was doing this before me and got me onto the NM ship.

Jes Golbez, Hockey Rants. Unfortunately, the only person mentioned that I have not met in person yet.

"Hodge and Beaner" aka Roger and Krista who put up so many hilarious and kick ass posts on Waiting For Stanley back in tha day. Roger taught me how to use Photoshop. Classic. Without them Greg Wyshynski wouldn't have said:

"Waiting for Stanley brings a ton of humor to frequently updated news."

That's nice, and shit.

GZ Expat

Orland Kurtenblog

The Chief Canuck

The Humming Giraffe

Tom Benjamin

I am thankful for all of those inspirations, and I know I have missed a few. This sounds like an acceptance speech but it's not. It's just something I wanted to blurt out after a night of driving, plowing and retrospect. I am thankful for all of you and wish you inspirational peeps a happy holidays.


My parents did a hell of a job celebrating Xmas and making it fun for me and my other 4 siblings growing up. My mom can bake/cook dinners like no other. When she isn't doing that she makes sure we are all feeling at home. Love you, ma! My dad (RIP) provided the entertainment through conversation and music. He hated "Jingle Bells." I do too. What a shit song.

Make it count:

What a beauty voice. Nana rules. So did Boney M:

I don't think anybody did "Feliz Navidad" better than Boney M.

We didn't watch a lot of Xmas movies religiously growing up. But I do have a fave:

What are your fave Xmas stories / memories growing up?

Happy Holidays to all of you! (Put that Mariah Carey Xmas cd away right now and get off of my snow-covered lawn!)